Hero's Compass

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Hero's Compass

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Map of Hero's Compass

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The Hero's Compass lies within western Hoelbrak on the shore of Lake Mourn, containing a statue of Jora. Just off of the shore of the frozen lake is a small island known as Hrothbeir's Rest.


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Ambient dialogue[edit]

Local: Valharantha couldn't have done it better!
Local: Thank you Spirits. I shall make you proud.
Local: You look like you could wrestle a wolf and possibly even win!
Local: I haven't met anyone who can shear a dolyak like me.
Local: His little ones wanted me to help raise them while his wife is on the journey, and I agreed. It's an honor, plus he's lonely.
Local: The snow smells strange. We should pay heed, for the Spirits commune with us through nature.
Local: The cursed icebrood razed another farm to the ground!
Local: I just weaned them both, thank the Spirits. I thought they were going to suck me dry.
Local: My son rushed off this morning to some secret meeting. I bet he's nuzzling up to that she-wolf I forbade him to see.
Local: Hm. When did my mug get empty?
Local: Facing Jormag is like facing ten thousand warriorsl It's no simple matter, even for us.