Plaza of Dwayna

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Plaza of Dwayna

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Map of Plaza of Dwayna

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Location within Divinity's Reach


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The Plaza of Dwayna is one of the six plazas within Divinity's Reach. It is connected to the exit to Queensdale.


Waypoint (map icon).png Dwayna Waypoint —
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Thump-em-ups





Birthday Gift.png Ancient Armorsmith
Merchant (vendor icon).png Gabby the Carny
Merchant (vendor icon).png Hal the Carny
Speed Boon.png Priestess of Dwayna

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Child: I saw this hunter who had a doggie. It was bigger than me, and it said, "Woof!"
Child: When I grow up, I'm going to be a brave hero!
Citizen: Oh, This suits me just perfectly.
Citizen: Oh, I like this.. but I need to pay the rent first.
Citizen: Praise the Six!
Citizen: Hmm. I could use one of those.
Citizen: Ran into an asura. Called me a bookah. I think she was hitting on me.
Citizen: Met a sylvari the other day. Curious lot, they are.
Citizen: Dragons? Bah! Never seen'em. All fantasy if you ask me.
Citizen: Oh, there it is. I thought it was lost for a second.
Citizen: Where did he... Oh, he's probably down at the pub again.
Citizen (1): Dwayna's brought another bright day of sunshine!
Citizen (2): Oh, don't start with that again.
Citizen: Which way to the carnival?
Seraph Soldier: Carnival activities take place in the Commons, which is split into the eastern and western districts.
Seraph Soldier: There's live music...
Citizen: Any places to eat?
Seraph Soldier: There's a tavern, but I wouldn't recommend bringing your kid there.
Citizen: Why not?
Seraph Soldier: First time in Divinity's Reach?
Citizen: We just moved here. Can you tell?
Seraph Soldier: Call it a hunch.
Seraph Soldier: The tavern is where locals kick up their boots and forget about the problems outside city walls.
Seraph Soldier: Some get a little...excitable...after reaching the bottom of their cups.
Child: I wanna see a bar fight!
Citizen: Uh...thanks for your help.
Explorer: Where do I get food?
Citizen: What do you people eat? Dirt? Do you want water? Are you getting enough sun?
Explorer: Oh stop teasing. I want human food. I've never eaten it!
Citizen: We've got taverns. Do you eat chicken or fish? Are you offended by salads?
Explorer: I can eat what you eat. And there's plenty of sunlight in the city. Thanks.
Friendly Citizen: Good evening, little lady.
Explorer: I've traveled very far to get here. It's very dirty, isn't it?
Friendly Citizen: Dirty?
Explorer: The filth. The crime. The danger! It's nothing like the Grove.
Gossiping Citizen: Do you think he's taken?
Gossiping Citizen: Who, Logan?
Gossiping Citizen: Who else would I be talking about?
Gossiping Citizen: He'll take one look at me across a crowded square and be smitten.
Gossiping Citizen: I can hear wedding trumpets already.
Len: When dad goes to work, he goes to the pub. Weird. He's not a bartender.
Len: Those guards ask a lot of questions. I didn't expect a Seraph Inquisition.
Little Figo: No girls allowed. Only centaurs!
"Melonni": You're not the boss of me, horseface! We were here first.
Little Figo: No, you weren't. I'm gonna knock your butt in the mud!
"Melonni": Oh, no you won't. Gwen! Jora! Prepare to deploy cooties!
Little Figo: Get away! Don't touch me!
"Melonni": Rawr! I'm a charr, and I'm going to eat you!
"Melonni": Tag! You're it!
"Gwen": (squeal)
Seraph Soldier (1): Another day, another gold piece.
Seraph Soldier (2): Could be worse. I'd rather stand here all day playing tour guide than chase down four-legged crowbait.
Seraph Soldier (1): I hate centaurs.
Seraph Soldier (2): Horses are for riding. Who wants a pet that talks back?
Seraph Soldier (1): Pirates.
Seraph Soldier (2): Shouldn't you be on patrol?
Seraph Soldier (1): See you later.
Seraph Soldier (1): Evening.
Seraph Soldier (2): How were the rounds?
Seraph Soldier (1): The usual: screaming kids, bar fights, and commerce at its most primal.
Seraph Soldier (2): Another day in paradise.
Seraph Soldier (1): Gods bless the queen.
Seraph Soldier (2): Good night.
Seraph Soldier: Lost?
Citizen: I need supplies.
Seraph Soldier: Merchants are that way. You can't miss them.
Citizen: Thanks. Where can I get a stiff drink?
Seraph Soldier: Tavern's in the city's southern half. Keep your ears open for the sound of angry drunks. You'll find it.
Seraph Soldier: If you pass the shooters, you've gone too far.
Citizen: You put a shooting range next to a tavern?
Seraph Soldier: Only one fatality this week.