Interdisciplinary Accessium

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Interdisciplinary Accessium

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Interdisciplinary Accessium map.jpg
Map of Interdisciplinary Accessium

Interdisciplinary Accessium locator.svg
Location within Rata Sum


Interdisciplinary Accessium.jpg

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The Interdisciplinary Accessium is the central atrium of Rata Sum. The Dynamics, Statics and Synergetics unions can be accessed from here.


Waypoint (map icon).png Accountancy Waypoint —





Makeover Preview (map icon).png Aesthetician
Trading Post (map icon).png Black Lion Trader
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Black Lion Weapons Specialist
Guild Banker (map icon).png Bradd
Bank (map icon).png Ikka
Merchant (vendor icon).png Loffa
Guild Registrar (map icon).png Loppa
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Snitt
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Tarik
Bank (map icon).png Tekk
Armorsmith (map icon).png Tikka
Guild Commendation Trader.png Zarx

Ambient dialogue[edit]

PM-632z: Enemy-detected.
PM-632z: Error. Code-46: logic-fault. Combat-mode-terminated.
Peacemaker Officer: You have a great day, now!
Citizen: Is that a threat or a prediction?
Student (1): Did you hear about the big explosion?
Student (2): My dad said that the Inquest blew it up. I hate them. They're mean.
Student (1): I heard it was destroyers. Did you know water runs uphill there now?
Student (2): No way. That's incredible!
Peacemaker Officer (1): So, what should we do in the case of a golem uprising?
Peacemaker Officer (2): Impossible. The sedition inhibitor prevents any insurgent behavior.
Peacemaker Officer (1): And if someone determined a way to suppress the inhibitor?
Peacemaker Officer (2): Well, then we die or we bow down to our new golem overlords.
Citizen: Those golems are acting up again. I think they need a complete memory purge.
Resident: They don't actually have a memory. Just a list of directives compiled in a neural nexus.
Citizen: Huh! Well someone should check that, then.
Resident: Have you ever attended a council session at the Ministerial House?
Citizen: Oh my! No! That sounds dreadfully boring. Administrative discussions exhaust me.
Resident: Actually, they're quite entertaining and enlightening. Participation is encouraged.
Citizen: Participating isn't really my thing. I'd rather complain about the process afterwards.
A Guard Golem 23 X follows a Progeny to Jode.
Jode: What on Tyria is that?
Progeny: Initiate the action.
Guard Golem 23 X: Target- reassignment: hostile.
Jode: Tactical retreat, tactical retreat!
Guard Golem 23 X: Warning. Target- escaping. Engage- pursuit- mode.
Jode: Need backup here!
Jode: This can't be happening.
Jode: Hostile contact.
PM-632z: Withdrawal-mode-recommended. Please-comply.
PM-632z: Operation-successful.
Jode: Oh, jubilation!
Citizen: Another year, another Snaff Prize.
Resident: I gave up on that dream long ago. It's the same story every year.
Resident: Either Zojja's newest apprentice wins or the Inquest steals it.