Raven Lodge

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Raven Lodge

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Raven Lodge map.jpg
Map of Raven Lodge

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The projection of Raven that appears over the Raven Lodge.
Carvings inside Raven Lodge.

The Raven Lodge is one of the four main lodges of Hoelbrak, dedicated to Raven.


Waypoint (map icon).png Raven Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Raven Hallow
Point of interest (map icon).png Raven Hearth





Karma Merchant (map icon).png Aleda
Speed Boon.png Astig the Wise
Merchant (vendor icon).png Karijn Elsdottyr
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Nidbjorg


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Raven Shaman: When does your journey end, traveler?
Petitioner: Never. Even beyond death, my spirit will soar forever.
Raven Shaman: Truly, you are Raven's child.
Raven Shaman: You look happy.
Petitioner: We've been rolling boulders down mountains! The grawl scattered like leaves.
Sculptor: How did Eir do it? I pour everything into art. Everything! There's nothing left in me to be a leader.
Elder: She's a rare one.
Petitioner: Shaman! I carry tales from afar!
Raven Shaman: Then rest before the shrine, and enjoy your journey's end.
Raven Shaman: How far will you travel, Hero?
Petitioner: To the end of the world and back.
Raven Shaman: Then Raven's favor is upon you.
Elder: I keep hearing the pups second-guessing us. They sound like us when we were that age. Damn fools.
Local: I'm in love. I thought it wouldn't happen, but there it is.
Local (2): Do you even have the energy for that?
Local: Sure. Juggling a couple of males is easy.
Finn: No, no, and no! Have you ever seen a reverse geomantic divination produce this effect? I think not!
Priory Scholar: I don't think you understand my argument at all. Do you even know-
Finn: Enough! This prophecy contradicts every predictive model made by the Eternal Alchemy, therefore it MUST be incorrect.
Artist: Inspire me, Raven!
Elder: Raven flies far these days.
Artist: Yes, he does.
Maerny Modig: I've just returned from Divinity's Reach. I met all the challenges of being a norn author there.
Local: I hated that place. A pit of weakness, full of cushy seats and beds with two mattresses. I slept terribly the whole time.
Elder: I wish more and more for my younger days. Time has been cruel, and I feel the spirits pulling me. I'll join them soon.
Cartographer: I heard you're leaving Hoelbrak. Take a map, so you know where to go.
Local: No need. I'm going nowhere in particular. Just wandering.
Cartographer: My maps are perfect for wandering!
Local: No, a map in the opposite of wandering. Nice try, though.
Elder: Have you thought about using more natural materials?
Artist: Everything I use is natural.
Elder: Are you sure? Some dyes have-
Artist: Don't worry about it.
Kid: Are you a miner?
Prospector: Prospector, actually. Someday, when you're older, I'll explain the difference.
Raven Shaman: Why have you come to Raven's lodge only to lurk in shadow?
Marit Tonleig: I'm unworthy of Raven's gaze. I passed on false information and, because of it, hunters died for no reason.
Raven Shaman: Did you bring a symbol of your shame?
Marit Tonleig: I brought three stones stained with the blood of those who were killed.
Raven Shaman: Good. Put two of them with Raven's treasures, and keep the other to remind you always of your mistake.
Raven Shaman: You're only unworthy in Raven's eyes if you don't learn from your missteps. Raven rewards the clever and sincere.
Raven Shaman: Hello. I've been waiting for you. Raven informed me you were coming.
Dievi Witmerk: I'm surprised that Raven would consider me worth mentioning.
Raven Shaman: You're one of his chosen. Surely you know that by now.
Dievi Witmerk: I know I'm stronger of mind than of body and that I've been blessed with a seed of Raven's sight.
Raven Shaman: You know yourself. Now, it's time for you to know Raven. Your apprenticeship begins immediately.
Raven Shaman: First, entrust your most cherished possession to Raven. Later, you will learn to trust him with your life as well.
Roldar Halvvei: Shaman, I need Raven's favor. My mother is losing her memories.
Raven Shaman: Raven's favor must be earned. What deeds have you done recently that would please him?
Roldar Halvvei: I tracked vicious jotun back to their den. They had captured a handful of humans.
Roldar Halvvei: There were too many, so instead of attacking them, I injured several moas and used them as bait.
Roldar Halvvei: When the jotun went to attack the moas, I rescued the prisoners. And I took a horn from the den, for Raven.
Raven Shaman: Put the horn with Raven's treasures, and I will tell Raven of your mother's need.
Ulyn Winge: Shaman, I've brought a gift to honor Raven.
Raven Shaman: Tell me, what do you consider worthy of Raven?
Ulyn Winge: It's the hilt from a broken sword. I tricked my opponent into striking solid rock.
Ulyn Winge: His sword broke, and I was victorious.
Raven Shaman: Truly a sign of your battle cunning. Well done. You may add it to Raven's treasures.
Local: I can never remember... is it skin, gut, joint, or skin, joint, gut?
Local: Moots are all about singing, dancing, and drink. And you can get by with just drink.
Local: I took her by the ear and dragged her home. Sometimes, it's the only way they'll learn.
Local: Bear's jaw! You test my patience like no other before you. It's a good thing you know how to sharpen my axe.
Alaric Torgan: Have you heard rumors about some hag up in these mountains called the "Iron Witch"?
Elder: No, but perhaps in your travels you've come across the story of King Jalis Ironhammer's treasure?
Alaric Torgan: According to my information, that tomb lies buried beneath the ruins of Krok's Hollow.
Elder: So there's this scar on my back. I got it from trying to ride a moose.
Local: A moose? But if you were riding it, how did it get your back?
Elder: I meant, I tried to ride it backwards. Too easy to face forward.
Local: Hey! I saw what you did.
Kid: I didn't do anything! Ask Raven.
Local: No, I think we'll let your mom decide.
Elder: Knut is a strong hunter. If he wasn't so in love with Gaerta... well, I'd drag him to my fire.
Erik Oevermar: Clearly a proto-Krytan artifact, though it's in a script few scholars would recognize. But why is it here?
Historical ambient dialogue
Erik Oevermar: It saddens me that all references to the Orrian syllabary have been lost. Now that Orr has risen once more, it guards it secrets jealously.


  • Erik Oevermar's lines were changed to settle a lore discrepancy about all references to the Orrian syllabary being lost.[1] The player character is able to translate an Orrian Inscribed Casket, and reference to the Orrian syllabary could be found on Orrian Runestones.