Junker's Scrapyard

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Junker's Scrapyard

Junker's Scrapyard map.jpg
Map of Junker's Scrapyard

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Junker's Scrapyard.jpg

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Junker's Scrapyard is one of the largest scrapyards in Ascalon, and resides next to the Great Imperial Smelter. It was named after the owner's mother, Junker.





Merchant (vendor icon).png Barax

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Citizen (1): The guy's bum! I've seen him fight in the Bane, getting scratched up real bad.
Citizen (2): At least he fights. I know a lot of punks around here who are all talk.
Citizen (1): If he goes back in, he won't talk anymore.
Citizen (1): Why'd you have to tell me that? Why don't you just punch me in the face next time?
Citizen (2): That was my original plan.
Citizen (1): Why do you give the outsiders so much grief?
Citizen (2): They're weak. I hate weakness.
Citizen (1): But now they're insiders. They live here.
Citizen (2): And they have to earn the right to stay, just like the rest of us.
Citizen (1): You're lookin' at him like a slab of beef.
Citizen (2): That's right. You got a problem with that?
Citizen (1): Yeah. You're blocking my view.
Citizen (1): Nice tattoo.
Citizen (2): That's not a tattoo; that's a battle scar!
Citizen (1): It's so detailed; I figured it had to be the work of a talented expert.
Citizen (2): The norn who gave it to me was an artist with the axe.
Soldier: This weapon is getting too worn. I'll need to replace it.
Soldier: The Vigil is an honorable organization. I'm seriously considering joining up.
Soldier: The Black Citadel is both a strategic victory and a technological marvel. The Iron Legions should be proud.
Soldier: You been to Steeleye Span? Mm. Makes my chest swell with pride to see it stand in defiance against the dragon's servants.
Soldier: How did I get saddled with so many fools?
Soldier: I'm going to make my grandsire as proud as Pyre Fierceshot was of Kalla Scorchrazor.
Soldier: Never fight something with more arms and legs than you.
Soldier: It's not worth the stress.
Cub: Have you seen the new war machines at the arsenal? They're unbelievable!
Cub: I learned to know where your weapon is. And the best way to use it.
Cub: I hate those old soldiers! They're talking rust. We're ready to become a warband, even if they say we're not.
Iron Legion Soldier (1): I heard you campaigned out in the far west?
Iron Legion Soldier (2): Yeah, it was miserable. First we had a huge, depressing jungle to slug through.
Iron Legion Soldier (1): I hate jungle.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): Then we got to a desert with hot, nasty wind and dusty air; it was like a furnace.