Plaza of Grenth

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Plaza of Grenth

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Plaza of Grenth map.jpg
Map of Plaza of Grenth

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Location within Divinity's Reach


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The Plaza of Grenth is one of the six plazas located within Divinity's Reach. It is located on the northernmost edge of the city. On the east side of the plaza is a large graveyard, and the west side is Grenth's Spoke, the water system for the city. There are a group of Seraph soldiers near the water system, where a crime scene has been set up.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Grenth Waypoint —
Vista (map icon).png Plaza of Grenth Vista —
Climb the tombstones directly north of the vista and jump towards the structure on the left (the one with all the doors). Turn towards the vista and jump. It looks like it is too far but you can make it if you long jump it.
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Grenth's Spoke





Speed Boon.png Priest of Grenth

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Citizen (1): Our duties are to the people, not to invisible wisps of weak ideas.
Citizen (2): That seems a bit harsh.
Citizen (1): You mourn the losses for your reasons; I'll mourn them for mine.
Citizen: I'm ready for the Mists.
Priest of Grenth: Would you freely abandon something so priceless?
Citizen: Then I'll meet death on the battlefield.
Priest of Grenth: Go safely into his arms, child.
Seraph Soldier (1): What's the word?
Seraph Soldier (2): Doesn't look good. Krytan male. Young. Marks of distress. Lots of blood loss.
Seraph Soldier (1): Keep your voice down. We don't need rumors spreading.
Seraph Soldier (1): Guard the area. Don't tell anybody anything.
Shining Blade Guard: Problem?
Seraph Soldier: Yeah. Another one. Marks of violence. Lots of...
Shining Blade Guard: Any witnesses?
Seraph Soldier: No one's come forward, but I bet somebody saw something'.