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WvW Capture missions are World versus World guild missions where guild members must capture a specified number of objectives within specific amount of time. It may fill the WvW mission slot, and potentially any general mission slots if "No Preference" is selected.


The mission must first be activated by a guild member with "Mission Control" permission. A minimum of 3 guild members currently representing the guild must then participate in an event to capture an objective of the specified type on the Eternal Battlegrounds, Alpine Borderlands or Desert Borderlands map. It is not necessary to claim the objective.

WvW Capture Sentry.png


There are currently two types of WvW Capture mission: capture camps and capture sentry points. Each type has 3 levels, each with different requirements and rewards. In all cases, the mission must be completed within the 15 minute time limit and a minimum of 3 players representing the guild are required.

Difficulty Recommended Camps Requirement Sentry Points Requirement
Easy 5 players Capture 1 camp Capture 3 sentry points
Medium 10 players Capture 2 camp Capture 5 sentry points
Hard 15 players Capture 3 camp Capture 10 sentry points


  • It is not necessary to claim or hold the captured objectives.
  • If there are enough participating guild members, you may wish to split up into multiple squads to complete the harder mission within the time limit.
  • All three players must be present at each sentry point to receive credit.
  • It does appear you can change maps to kill more sentries as long as at least three players are in the circle (or hit the sentry).