Frostwalk Tundra

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Frostwalk Tundra

1Waypoint (tango icon).png 

Frostwalk Tundra map.jpg
Map of Frostwalk Tundra

Frostwalk Tundra locator.svg
Location within Frostgorge Sound

Frostwalk Tundra.jpg
Frostwalk Tundra

Frostwalk Tundra is an area in the northeast of Frostgorge Sound. A camp built by the kodan cast-aways from the Honor of the Waves sanctuary can be found here.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (tango icon).png Slough of Despond Waypoint —
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Slough of Despond





Repairs (map icon).png Hallowed Home (79)
Merchant (map icon).png Rojan the Penitent (80)
Merchant (map icon).png Tattered Spite (79) (only for a few minutes after finishing "Help kodan castaways reach Slough of Despond" at Watchful Fjord)
Merchant (map icon).png Taught by Whales (79)
Scout (map icon).png Watcher of Skies (78)




Ambient dialogue[edit]

At the Slough of Despond
Icy Gail: I wonder if this land will have new berries. I like making sauce out of them to put on roasted meat.
Winter's Solace: Maybe it'll go well on fish too.
Icy Gail: We should try it.
Winter's Solace: I miss the smell of nets overflowing with fish.
Icy Gail: You making me hungry.
Castaway: This is the camp? You've made a sanctuary from scraps. I'm impressed.
Kodan Icehammer: Your presence will bolster us further. We have set aside a place for you to rest.
Castaway: My gratitude overwhelms me. I feel saved.
Kodan Icehammer: Rest. Soon we'll need your strength to help take down the ice beast. We're not saved yet.
Kodan Icehammer (1): When the dragon's breath first touched the Honor of the Waves, I thought my usefulness had ended.
Kodan Icehammer (2): I understand. For the first time, I questioned my own faith.
Kodan Icehammer (1): Yet here we are, still fighting to maintain balance. It's remarkable.
Kodan Icehammer (1): We don't know what we're heading toward. Our path promises many dangers.
Kodan Icehammer (2): As we knew it would. I'm not worried. We'll do our best, and it will be enough.
Kodan Icehammer (1): Do you fear death?
Kodan Icehammer (2): Only from a practical standpoint. Upon rebirth, I'd have to rebuild myself over many years.
Kodan Icehammer (1): Yes, I see. If only we brought our knowledge with us when we're reborn.
Kodan Icehammer (2): (chuckle) And our wisdom. And our large, strong bodies.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes