Garden of Dawn

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Garden of Dawn

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Garden of Dawn map.jpg
Map of Garden of Dawn

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Location within The Grove


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The Garden of Dawn is an area within The Grove located on the bottom level of the city.


Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png The House of Aife
Vista (map icon).png Great Helix Vista —
Either climb up the mushroom staircase on the east side of the house, or jump down from the level above.
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Dawngleam Pergola





Weaponsmith (map icon).pngArman
Armorsmith (map icon).pngAtheide
Merchant (vendor icon).pngDannach
Karma Merchant (map icon).pngPhione


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Mentor: Many view the night as a cloak that dampens the senses. Others see it as revealing hidden aspects.
Sapling: I suppose it depends wheter you bloomed during the Cycle of Night, or Day.
Citizen (1): Don't forget! You promised to teach me how to juggle later!
Citizen (2): I'm unlikely to forget. You keep reminding me. (laugh)
Sapling: Mentor, where is Ventari now?
Mentor: Where is he? He's dead.
Sapling: What does that mean?
Mentor: No one knows what death is exactly. The Dream doesn't reveal what happens after death.
Mentor (1): The newborns come in greater numbers every day.
Mentor (1): I worry that we can't guide them all down the right path.
Mentor (2): We have to trust in the wisdom of Ventari and nature itself. If they come, it's for a good reason.
Mentor (1): The stars, moon, and sun move across the sky. They mark the changing cycles.
Citizen: And we follow their signs?
Mentor (1): We have no other choice. We are as much part of them as they are us.
Mentor (2): Our challenge is to find the meaning behind both their movements and our own.
Mentor (1): This pouch is our gift to you. Guard it carefully. It protects you and keeps you connected to nature.
Citizen: What's in it?
Mentor (2): It holds bits of the pod from which you were born. There's also sweetgrass and sage.
Citizen: How do you know where to begin your life?
Mentor: You don't have to worry about it. It's already begun.


The air is full of mist from the water cascading down around the grotto.
Talk ready option.png Take a sample of the mist. (Ends dialogue and gives Soothing Mist.)
Talk end option tango.png Leave