Order's Terrace

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Order's Terrace

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Order's Terrace map.jpg
Map of Order's Terrace

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Location within The Grove


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The Order's Terrace is an area located in the western portion of The Grove. Like the name suggests, camps of the Orders of Tyria are located here.


Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Durmand Posting
Point of interest (map icon).png Gardenroot Tunnel
Point of interest (map icon).png The Hidden Shelter



Ambient creature

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Warden: A true warrior dedicates his life to training and upholding the natural laws.
Warden: All life is sacred, but not guaranteed. A warrior must be ready to sacrifice his own life to save his fellows.
Traveler: This from a guy who's younger than my calluses.
Citizen (1): I brought you some food.
Citizen (2): I’m not hungry. I’m too swollen with sorrow to eat anything.
Citizen (2): They found…his body. They believe…it was undead that killed him.
Citizen (1): I’m so sorry. Your suffering is breaking my heart.
Citizen (1): His death was not for naught. He was answering the call and will be remembered as a hero.
Citizen (2): But I should have been with him.
Citizen (1): The only thing you should do is respond to your own calling. Not everyone has the same destiny.
Citizen (1): I wonder whether he feels the loss of us... the way I feel the loss of him.
Citizen (2): If nothing else, sweet pea, I would imagine that he feels your loss of him.
Citizen (1): I could enter warden training as well, and then we could train together.
Citizen (2): If the Dream calls you to it, then I say, "Yay!" If not, then to force it would be disastrous.
Citizen (1): They’d put me with elementalist trainees, I suppose. My gifts lie there.
Citizen (1): One of the few things you can count on in this world is diversity.
Citizen (2): (laughter) So true. We are all special flowers.