WvW Rank (Guild mission)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the guild mission. For other uses, see WvW Rank.

WvW Rank (Guild mission) are World versus World guild missions where guild members must must cumulatively earn a certain amount of world experience (WXP) within a time limit. The WvW Rank mission may fill the WvW mission slot, and potentially any general mission slots if "No Preference" is selected.

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The mission must first be activated by a guild member with "Mission Control" permission. A minimum of 3 guild members currently representing the guild must then participate in an event.

Difficulty levels
Difficulty WXP Recommended Time Limit
Easy 10,000 5 players 30 minutes
Medium 25,000 10 players 30 minutes
Hard 50,000 15 players 30 minutes

The Easy mission doesn't appear to require the 3 minimum players.

Primary article: Guild mission#Rewards


  • WXP obtained in Edge of the Mists are not counted towards completing this achievement.
  • It is recommended that a squad or party be formed and that participating members stay together.