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PvP Win are Player versus Player guild missions in which guild team members must win a certain number of matches in a time limit. It may fill the PvP mission slot, and potentially any general mission slots if "No Preference" is selected.


The mission must first be activated by a guild member with "Mission Control" permission. A minimum of 3 guild members currently representing the guild must then participate in an event.

Earn PvP Rank Points.png


There are 3 levels, each with different requirements and rewards.


Win 1 PvP Match. Time limit: 30 minutes. Recommended: 3 players.


Win 2 PvP Match. Time limit: 40 minutes. Recommended: 5 players.

Win 3 Stronghold Matches.png

Win 3 PvP Matches. Time limit: 55 minutes. Recommended: 8 players.


Win 1 Stronghold match. Time limit: 30 minutes. Recommended: 3 players.