Shelter Rock

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Shelter Rock

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Map of Shelter Rock

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Location within Hoelbrak


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Shelter Rock

Shelter Rock is a northern cave area in Hoelbrak. It appears to be mainly a gathering area for the norn. Along the eastern wall, there is a cemetery of sorts filled with cairns denoting the graves. It is used for outsiders who died in Hoelbrak, pets, or memorials for those whose bodies weren't recovered. Ingun Grimsdottir stands guard over this graveyard.


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Shelter Rock Waypoint —
Points of Interest
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Master Blackforge's Steading
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Sigfast's Steading
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Skarti's Steading





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Rusa Jonidottir


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Ana Feldarken: Those filthy moles! Polluting Hoelbrak with their stench and grime.
Ana Feldarken: This place has become soft. The house of Whitebear is weak. Knut and the elders sit in their hall, waiting for age to take them.
Local: So say you. Whitebear makes sure we don't fight each other too much.
Explorer: I drink out of a stone mug, or I don't drink.
Sculptor: But metal is so strong. You should see my drinking vessels!
Explorer: When you see a stream, is it running over a bed of metal? No. You see stones.
Local (2): Need anything for trade?
Local: We could use some honey to make mead.
Local (2): I'll talk to the next caravan.
Traveler (1): You tried to outdrink a norn, didn't you?
Traveler (2): What's that pounding? Are the destroyers back?
Traveler (1): Heh. I could watch you suffer all day.
Rancher: Axes are fun.
Prospector: Someone should build a cannon that shoots axes.
Rancher: Yeah! Or a bomb full of axes that fly out when it explodes.
Prospector: You could shoot that bomb out of a cannon.
Rancher: Magnificent! We should think of more ideas and write them down. These are great.
Kid: I dare you to tickle a Wolfborn.
Kid (1): It's tree-climbin' time!
Kid (2): Not without me!
Elder: Yep. I'm still fast like Wolf. Raced an avalanche yesterday.
Hunter: Did you win?
Elder: Hah! I probably had time to run back up the mountain.
Wolfborn (1): We're like Whitebear. My wife hunts for food.
Wolfborn (2): And what do you do?
Wolfborn (1): Whatever I want.
Wolfborn (2): Heh. Sounds like a fantasy.
Barkeep: What do you think of my hair? Does it say "great norn hero"?
Local: I think it says you’re desperate.
Local (1): My sister’s getting better, but she’ll still have trouble taking care of the kids.
Local (2): Visit her at the next moot. I’m sure she’d be happy to see you.
Local (1): My brother's living up north. I might hike up there for the next moot.
Local (2): Might as well. If he's looking for a wife, you could tell some stories about him.
Local (1): Good idea. Without a good saga, he won't have a wedding. No life, no wife.
Local (1): Good news. We’ve brewed another batch of ale.
Local (2): You need anything in trade?
Local (1): We could use some honey to make mead.
Local (2): I'll talk to the next caravan.
Barkeep: What do you think of my hair? Does it say "great norn here"?
Local: I think it says you're desperate.
Local: (growl) That was bracing! Nothing like a skinny dip to wake yourself up.
Local: Thank you, Spirits. I shall make you proud.
Local: How’s business? You ever get that deadbeat to pay?
Local: I'm itching for a hunt.
Local: I've never met a bear I couldn't wrestle or drink under the table.
Local: ... And my axe is the sharpest of all.
Local: He's so stupid he's gonna kill himself one day, mistaking his sword for his stein.
Local: He looks at you when you're not looking. You should go over and offer to wash his beard.
Local: Find a man who can outrun a snow leopard, and you've found a keeper.
Local: By the eye of Wolf, just tell me. I'm done guessing.
Local: Bold choice of clothing! Tell me, did you steal those from a blind dredge?
Local: You look like you could wrestle a wolf and possibly even win!
Local: Bear's jaw! You test my patience like no other before you. It's a good thing you know how to sharpen my axe.
Local: I can never it skin, gut, joint, or skin, joint, gut?
Local: I said, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder. So, I never want to see you again."
Elder: I keep hearing the pups second-guessing us. They sound like us when we were that age. Damn fools.
Elder: I wish more and more for my younger days. Time has been cruel, and I feel the spirits pulling me. I'll join them soon.
Wolfborn: This is depressing. I want to go hunt and cleanse my mind, but I have to stay on duty.
Elder: Find something to break. That always cheers me up.