Frost Basin

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Frost Basin

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Frost Basin map.jpg
Map of Frost Basin

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The Frost Basin is an area in southeast Hoelbrak. It is one of two areas which houses multiple homesteads.


Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Boasting Hall
Point of interest (map icon).png Old Fiach's Lorestead
Point of interest (map icon).png Stonewright's Steading





Speed Boon.png Torn the Avalanche
Karma Merchant (map icon).png Uktur

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Local (1): I can't wait for the moot.
Local (2): Ah, me too. I just forged a new stein for the occasion. it'll help me drink ale faster.
Local (1): More than Tacalla's Masterglass, or Klen's Keg Drainer?
Local (2): Hm. Mere thimbles compared to what I've crafted. Imagine a kayak, but with a handle and a spout.
Kid: You're crazy to stand out here all boring night long.
Elder: I need to see the sun rise over the Shiverpeaks one more time.
Kid: It rises every day. You'll freeze standing out here.
Elder: Heh. You'll grow to appreciate the little things when you are older, boy.
At the Boasting Hall
Local (1): My son is driving me mad! He's always knocking over my axes and messing with my workbench.
Local (2): You should take him hunting, teach him a few things.
Local (1): Yes, my father hunted me as a child. Perhaps I should hunt my son.
Local (2): Wait, what? No, no, no, no.
Local (1): We're waiting on our knees for a hero. We should attack Jormag now.
Local (2): You say that every day.
Local (1): Where's your bravery? While you wait for someone to break the tooth, Jormag takes more land.
Local (3): You need a drink. Keep your mouth busy with something useful.
Local (1): Bah! Drinking instead of doing. Jora would be insulted.
Elder: I can’t stand the Sons of Svanir or the dredge. Mindless cults make me sick.
Local: Yeah. One brainwashes our friends and the other has no fear of us.
Elder: What? Nobody who goes to the Sons is my friend, and dredge are cowards.
Local: But they could be on to something. If we don’t stick together, we’ll lose more of our land.
Local: Wow, you actually shut up when I'm talking. I'd go crazy with nobody to listen to me.
Agneta Modyg: I love Eir's wolf, Garm. He looks big and mean, but he likes to lick my face whenever I see him.
Gardener: I like to plant competing species together and watch them fight for resources.
Prospector: Sounds like a slow fight.
Gardener: Depends on the plant. But it doesn't matter. I'm very patient.
Wolfborn (1): (groan) I challenged my wife to some axe-throwing.
Wolfborn (2): For good reason, I hope.
Wolfborn (1): We were arguing, and it just came out. If I beat her, she'll hate me. If I lose, I'll never hear the end of it.
Wolfborn (2): Sounds like disaster brewing. I'll bring a keg and watch.