Praetor's Canton

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Praetor's Canton

Praetor's Canton map.jpg
Map of Praetor's Canton

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Praetor's Canton.jpg

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The Praetor's Canton is an area in the Black Citadel, east of the War Wagon Prep Deck. This section of the citadel serves as a home to retired veterans of the Legions.





Ambient dialogue[edit]

Blood Legion Soldier (1): Where you been?
Blood Legion Soldier (2): I went out with Rytlock and his legionnaires.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): You're kidding! Did he get in any fights?
Blood Legion Soldier (2): Rytlock mocks and shames them. A few grim words and they concede defeat.
Iron Legion Soldier (1): The warband and I were up at dawn, training. We started by running the city's perimeter.
Iron Legion Soldier (1): Then we did weapon drills, lifted weights, and skinned a bushel of potatoes for the cook.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): You're going to sleep well tonight.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): That is the final ingredient for making a good warrior.
Citizen (1): That matron soldier is fierce.
Citizen (2): I like 'em fierce.
Citizen (1): She’s staring at you. Either she likes you, or she’s going to try to kill you.
Citizen (2): Either way, I’m happy.
Citizen (1): I'm glad we have those norn on our side. We're going to need their help.
Citizen (2): After we push back the Flame Legion, they're the ones I'd like to share land with.
Citizen (1): Have you heard anything about a possible treaty with Ebonhawke?
Citizen (2): I heard the humans will cave in and give us what we want. That’s all that matters to me.
Citizen (1): You see that fight last night in the arena?
Citizen (2): That runty little asura and the wolves? Yeah, that was a laugh and a half.
Citizen (1): He was clever and quick. Too bad he got kicked back to the Shallows.
Citizen (2): Clever is good. Victory is better.
Scrapper: Are you really my father?
Citizen: That's right. Some dads don't watch their cubs. I do.
Scrapper: Why are you here?
Citizen: To brag if you win and walk away in shame if you lose. Don't lose.
Citizen (1): Have you ever seen a statue of Scorchrazor?
Citizen:(2) Of course. She led a rebellion, brought females to the battlefield, and took down the shamans.
Citizen (1): Someday I'll match her victory, and they'll make a statue of me.
Citizen: Eh, we should just conquer Orr already.
Citizen: Magic can be a powerful tool, but no way I'd trust my life to it.
Citizen: I hate wild animals. Except the ones I can pick up and eat.
Citizen: Did you hear the Heart warband is in town? They're passing through, on their way to Diessa Plateau.
Citizen: I heard some engineer invented a device he calls a 'cattlepult.' I'm dying to see it in action!
Citizen: I been to the Bane many times, but I ain't never seen them open the iris in the floor for underwater combat.

Needs verification:

Cub: If that Ash cub wants my rations again, I'm gonna give him a lesson in pain.
Cub: I learned to know where your weapon is. And the best way to use it.
Citizen: Hrm, a little raw rabbit would hit the spot. It's a little bitter, but delicious.
Citizen: The weak-willed fools in the Flame Legion are blinded by the lie of faith! We'll teach them the error of their ways.