Traveler's Dale

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Traveler's Dale

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Traveler's Dale map.jpg
Map of Traveler's Dale

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Location within Gendarran Fields

Gendarran Fields
Connects to
Talajian Piedmont (NE)
Stonebore Vaults (NW)
The Lawen Ponds (S)

Traveler's Dale.jpg
Traveler's Dale

Traveler's Dale is an area in Gendarran Fields. The miners of First Haven have tried to make do between the swamps and walls of stone, threatened as they are by undead from the south and the rash of Cave Spiders to the west.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
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Help First Haven's residents deal with the undead (26)
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First Haven Waypoint —
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Traveler's Dale Waypoint —
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First Haven





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Auki (25)
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Clerk Ulva (26)
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Grietje (25)
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Repairs (map icon).png
Loxx (25)


Ambient dialogue[edit]

At the First Haven
Peasant (female): My cat's missing. Gods, I hope she didn't wander off into the swamp.
Peasant (male): It's taking Lion's Arch so long to send more guards. Your cat is the least of our worries.
Peasant (male): Someone should warn these travelers not to stray from the roads.
Peasant (female): They never listen. First sign of a storm and they're off into the swamp looking for shelter.
Historian Hartwell: Ah, this place is exactly how I pictured it. Imagine, me, standing in the first haven ever built. Excuse me, may I ask you a few questions about the history here?
Sheriff Christophe: This is a functional haven, sir, not a museum. I'm trying to do a job here.
Historian Hartwell: So dedicated! So passionate! Please, tell me about your time stationed here, at First Haven.
Sheriff Christophe: Sir, please go away.
Historian Hartwell: Look, on the ground: chunks of the actual wall of First Haven. Little pieces of history. May I keep one?
Sheriff Christophe: Sure. Would you like any guidance on where to put it?
Lionguard Dallan: I got a letter from my nephew a few weeks ago, saying how proud he was of his uncle, the soldier. Then he asked me if I'd driven away all the centaurs yet.
Lionguard Irisa: Oh. Not from Lion's Arch, is he? What did you say?
Lionguard Dallan: Well, I tried to explain that the Lionguard is not part of the Seraph, and that we're not a part of that war. Seems he didn't take it too well. My sister just wrote to tell me that he told all of his playmates that I'm not a real soldier.
Lionguard Irisa: Sorry to hear that, friend. He'll come around.

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes