Constellation Shelter

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Constellation Shelter

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Map of Constellation Shelter

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Location within The Grove


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Constellation Shelter is an area in the south side of the of the Grove. It spans two levels of the city and hosts a tavern which itself has 3 floors.


Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Starbower Nursery





Merchant (vendor icon).png Ainne
Merchant (vendor icon).png Araina
Merchant (vendor icon).png Beoir
Merchant (vendor icon).png Doirea
Merchant (vendor icon).png Fiadhain
Merchant (vendor icon).png Leighis
Merchant (vendor icon).png Sobhla

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Citizen: What can I do to help you prepare for tomorrow's meals?
Council Cook: The firstborn have numerous guests, so I appreciate the offer.
Council Cook: There are herbs to chop and meat to marinate.
Citizen: Have the hunters provided you with enough meat?
Council Cook: Yes. They were diligent.
Citizen: What are we serving?
Council Cook: The firstborn love my rosemary chicken and walnut-fenugreek soup. We'll start there.
Hostess: Has the bread arrived yet?
Host: Rosemary loaves and some seed muffins. There's more coming later, too.
Hostess: Go check on the nectar levels, will you?
Host: My pleasure. I'll be back soon.
Citizen: Good day. I'm here to check on your honey supply. Do you need any more?
Hostess: I've still got a good supply, but thank you for checking. Can I pour you some nectar?
Citizen: I'll be back in a couple days.
Hostess: That's very kind of you. Have a balmy evening.
Citizen: Our cook makes amazing dishes. I think you'll be pleased.
Traveler: As long as his food and drink are more interesting than his conversation, I'll be happy.
Citizen (1): I'd have won if my strap hadn't broken. You were tiring.
Citizen (2): You misinterpret your Dream. I was catching my second bloom of strength.
Citizen (3): You're ignoring me. You both know I was the victor today!
Citizen (2): Wherever did you get that idea? We had to pull you out of the mud!
Citizen (1): Go get us more nectar, will you? It's your turn.
Citizen (2): For everyone?
Citizen (3): Yes, please.
Citizen (2): Hostess! More nectar here, please!
Citizen (3): (laugh) Nice manners.
Citizen (2): What? I said "please."
Citizen (1): An asura just walked in.
Citizen (2): Really? An asura? Where?
Citizen (1): Shhhhh! Keep your voice down. Over there.
Citizen (2): I met an asura once. He had an arm made of silver and gems.
Citizen (3): You're nectared.
Citizen (2): No, I've only had a couple. I'm serious. He had a silver hand and forearm attached to an elbow stump.
Citizen (3): I saw that in the Dream too! (laugh)
Citizen (2): (laugh) Me too!
Citizen (1): I didn't. (laugh)
Citizen : Hello, beautiful. May I have a cup of nectar, when you get a moment?
Hostess: Of course. Find a seat. I'll bring it to you.
Citizen: Did Cook put anything unusual in the stew tonight?
Hostess: That depends. Do you consider manroot and charred rabbit chunks unusual?
Citizen: No, I call that delicious!
Hostess: (laughter) That's the correct answer.
Warden: You speak of the ancient among your race as if they've lost their usefulness. I don't understand this.
Traveler: Just wait. In another 50 years or so, when you're old, you'll get it.
Citizen: Oh my goodness. Poor little plants.
Traveler (1): Tomorrow, we go.
Traveler (2): No argument. These daisies make me more nervous than a swarm of undead.
Traveler (1): I swear to Bear, if one more sylvari asks me if it hurts to grow a beard...
Traveler (2): Don't strain yourself. It's probably the same thing I'll do if another one tugs my tail to see if it's attached.
Citizen (1): Did you see the charr that arrived yesterday?
Citizen (2): I saw. If I had my way, I'd have slaughtered it for its insolence to the firstborn.
Citizen (1): We're all the physical manifestations of some element of the Dream. We all have a role to play.
Citizen (2): If that's true, then that charr is the physical manifestation of heartburn.
Citizen (1): Then she kissed me, like we've seen humans do. She put her lips on mine.
Citizen (2): And?
Citizen (1): Then she turned around and kissed someone else. And then someone else!
Citizen (1): There are times, fleeting times, when I envy the Soundless.
Citizen (2): I know what you mean. But I wouldn't give up my connection to the Dream for anything.
Citizen (1): There she is. Come sit with us!
Citizen (2): I knew I'd find you two here.
Citizen (3): Where the nectar flows, there the butterfly goes!
Citizen (1): How about this one. Curlicue! (laugh)
Citizen (3): (laugh)
Citizen (2): (laugh)
Citizen (2): (laugh) No, no, no! (laugh)
Citizen (1): (laugh)
Citizen (3): (laugh)
Citizen (1): How's your day unfolding?
Hostess: It dawned well, but it's growing busier by the moment.
Citizen (2): Don't work too hard.
Warden (1): I can't wait to grow old. Can you imagine? Human bodies change so dramatically.
Warden (2): I shall be beautiful when I'm old. I'll be dignified and strong, like they describe the human queen.
Warden (1): Oh, she's very old, from what I've heard. Already almost thirty.
Citizen (1): I felt its emotions so strongly, it nearly knocked me off my feet.
Citizen (2): How terrifying for you. What did you do?
Citizen (1): I grabbed onto the nearest thing, which turned out to be a norn. He nearly knocked me off my feet too.
Citizen (2): (laugh)
Citizen (1): I felt echoes of you this morning. Is everything all right?
Citizen (2): Everything's fine now. I thought my pet was ill, but it turned out to be a hairball.
Citizen (1): (laugh) Never underestimate the power of a hairball to make one sad.
Citizen (2): (laugh)