The Sea of Lamentation

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The Sea of Lamentation

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The Sea of Lamentation map.jpg
Map of The Sea of Lamentation

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Location within Frostgorge Sound

The Sea of Lamentation.jpg
The Sea of Lamentation

The Sea of Lamentation is an area in the northwest of Frostgorge Sound. The damaged sanctuary Deep and Troubled Waters can be found here. The kodan aboard are trying to repair it as well as constantly defend it from external threats. The Icebrood often invade the sanctuary in an attempt to sink it once and for all.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
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Help Bladed Softness maintain Deep and Troubled Waters (78)
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Help Worthy Burden defeat icebrood in Drakkar Spurs (79)
Points of Interest
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Deep and Troubled Waters





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Bladed Softness (78)
Merchant (map icon).png
Neversorrow (78)
Renown Heart (map icon).png
Worthy Burden (78)



Ambient dialogue[edit]

At Deep and Troubled Waters
Kodan Icehammer (1): When I think of our homeland, fury slashes through me like ice plummeting from the tallest sanctuary.
Kodan Icehammer (2): Stop the fall. Guide the fury outward. Use it to slash our enemies, not yourself.
Kodan Icehammer (1): Greetings. Are you well?
Kodan Icehammer (2): My mood is in flux, like the cascading circles you see when a stone falls into calm water.
Kodan Icehammer (1): At times like this, it feels like we are the last grain of sand in an hourglass. We are not. We are the glass, the keepers of equilibrium.
Kodan Icehammer: Warmer down here.
Whispering Echo: And the wind smells different.
Kodan Snowcaller: The water feels oily, too.