White Paper Hill

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White Paper Hill

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Map of White Paper Hill

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Location within Timberline Falls

Timberline Falls

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White Paper Hill

White Paper Hill is a location in Timberline Falls that is the home to aggressive owl griffons, of which can be seen actively hunting the other wildlife. There is also a small norn settlement having problems with the nearby dredge who screws up their hunts.

Locations and objectives[edit]

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White Paper Waypoint —
Points of Interest
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Defeat the grawl commander (53)
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Escort the Order of Whispers team to the grawl camp (53)





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Ambient dialogue[edit]

At Balddistead
Hunter (male norn): Finally found out what happened to my knife-cleaning cloth. Found it in some sheep droppings this morning.
Hunter (male norn): I wish the skritt wouldn't hang around. They're minor nuisances during the day, but at night, those beady eyes set me on edge.
Hunter (female norn) (2): I just met Higilda, the new hunter who lives up the ridge. Did you know her family was killed by dredge? Her mate and two little girls.
Hunter (female norn) (1): No! How horrible. I guess that's why she migrated here.
Hunter (female norn) (2): I'm going to take her some elk stew in the morning, to welcome her to this side of the mountain.
Hunter (female norn) (1): Do you think Higilda has enough firewood? I could share some of mine.
Hunter (female norn) (2): There's always so much to do when you first set up stead. I imagine she'd welcome the gift.
Hunter (female norn) (2): Did I tell you about the buck I brought down the other day? It charged me after the first arrow.
Hunter (female norn) (1): How many did it take to bring it down?
Hunter (female norn) (2): Three, and not because my aim was off. It also took three trips to get it all home. The beast was enormous.
Hunter (female norn) (1): My cat brought a mouse into our lodge the other day and let it go. The mouse ran under the potato bin.
Hunter (female norn) (2): What did you do?
Hunter (female norn) (1): I fried it with a lightning bolt and gave kitty a steaming hot meal.
Hunter (female norn) (3): I heard there are dredge northeast of here.
Hunter (female norn) (3): They're no challenge. They have no pride. It's like hunting cows.
Hunter (male norn) (2): What about the grawl?
Hunter (female norn) (3): A worthy foe, especially in numbers. Let's go.
Hunter (male norn): I could hunt these hills for the rest of my life.
Hunter (female norn): Then that is what I wish for you, my friend.
Hunter (female norn) (1): The dredge have a long history of persecution. You know, they were once enslaved by the asura?
Hunter (female norn) (2): I don't care. It doesn't excuse their murderous deeds.
Hunter (female norn) (2): You know a lot about dredge. I need you to help me.
Hunter (female norn) (1): So what? You're going to hunt down the entire race because they killed your family?
Hunter (female norn) (2): That sounds about right.
Hunter (female norn) (1): Okay. I'm in.
Elder (male norn): The dredge don't care that their drills chase away local wildlife.
Hunter (female norn) (4): They're a disruption of the natural order. Someone really should do something about them.
Hunter (female norn) (4): If dredge poke their noses anywhere near this camp, I'm gonna smash 'em back into the ground.
Elder (male norn): I have nothing against the dredge as a people. They simply need to learn to use wisdom when working with the earth.
Before completing Smash the dredge drilling machines before they destroy the bedrock:
Hunter: Someone needs to shut down all that drilling before the witless dredge cave in this whole region.

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
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