Quaggan Paddle

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Quaggan Paddle

Event maps
Quaggan Paddle.jpg

Rush the icy waters of Talabaroop Waves in Frostgorge Sound.

— In-game description

Quaggan Paddle is a Guild Race where members transform into a quaggan to travel through an underwater course from the Blue Ice Shining sanctuary, through Dimotiki Waters, to the Deep and Troubled Waters sanctuary. Racers will pass through underwater rings at each flag while dealing with mines, steam vents, and a host of undersea enemies such as: Arctic Jellyfish, Reef Skelk, Undersea Ice Wurms, Poisonous Urchin, and Ice Sharks. Unlike other races, players do not have a Search skill. Instead of spike and rock traps, racers must contend with underwater mines and steam vents. The steam vents will knock you back with some damage, but the mines will kill you in one hit if you come too close.

Getting there[edit]

From Twoloop Waypoint go South-west to start (yellow line on Event map) that is underwater at the bottom. The Guild Race Guild Race icon.png Icon does not appear on the map unless it has been activated.


  • Guild Race (map icon).png Complete the Guild Race course.
    • Time remaining: 30:00
    • Guild Races Completed X/15
    • Interact with the guild banner to begin.
    • Guild race finished! The course and end chest will remain active until time expires.


When not assigned to you and not started
A guild officer needs to activate this race for you before you can participate.
Talk end option tango.png Leave
When activating race
Would you like to start this guild race? Warning: the timer will run out in 30 minutes.
Talk ready option.png Yes, I'm ready to race the course!
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
After the race has started
Your guild has opened this race course to you. Would you like to participate?
Talk more option tango.png What's the race?
You'll be transformed into a quaggan and will have to dodge mines and enemies while racing the course.
Talk more option tango.png How will I know where to go?
On your map you'll see blue flags identifying course checkpoints. Race through the checkpoints in order to reach the finish line.
Talk ready option.png Okay, sign me up.
Talk end option tango.png I'd rather not participate.
Talk ready option.png Okay, sign me up.
Talk end option tango.png I'd rather not participate.
Talk ready option.png Yes! Sign me up.
Talk end option tango.png I'd rather not participate.
When you're defeated during the race
You've been defeated. Would you like to return to the starting line?
Talk ready option.png Yes.
Talk end option tango.png No.


Racers are transformed into a quaggan with 2000 health for this race.

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Surging Maw.png Dart 20.5½ 20 Dart forward, gaining aegis.
2 Swirling Strike.png Purge Conditions 0.75¾ 15 Purge your conditions and gain health for each one purged.


The racers must pass through several of these rings.
  • Each flag displayed on the map is an underwater ring you must pass through. These rings look similar to the normal zone portals, but have a yellow tint to them. The ring is set between two flags with the guild emblem. Passing through a ring heals you for 400 health.
  • This course is entirely underwater, so any escorts will be using their underwater skills. Keep this in mind when planning as professions have significantly less utility underwater.
  • Escorts are useful to clear out ice wurms, as they can take racers out in one shot.
  • Watch out for the ice wurms, they fire rock projectiles. These projectiles do a large amount of damage and will chill you, slowing you down significantly.
  • Jellyfish and reef skelk look neutral initially, but will aggro on racers as they swim past, chasing them.
  • There's no need to spam a Search skill on this race, but there are mines and steam vents to avoid. Make use of the vertical axis, and use Dart if you need to get really close so Aegis will absorb the blow.
  • Do not try to go above the course. Going too high counts as going outside the course and will cause you to fail. A safe way to tell is never go too far above the highest mines.


Section 1

Begin swimming directly ahead and down towards the first flag. Keep heading down along the bottom of the ravine as the next flag is even deeper. Don't get too close to the jellyfish as they will begin to chase you. The course curves to the left after the flag and you'll come across the first two vents. Stay out of the steam as they will knock you back and set you on fire. You'll also start seeing the first ice wurms. Avoid their projectiles and keep swimming, passing through the flag.

Section 2

Mines will start appearing. These will kill you in one hit (even if another player triggers them). For the most part, you should be able to stay under them for now. Keep heading west along the path, and follow the cave as it turns north near the next flag. You'll start seeing more jellyfish and skelk. Keep heading north under the glacier, staying as far as possible from the mines.

Section 3

Passing through the rock formation after the flag, you'll enter a long stretch of the course with three flags along the way where mines are everywhere along with ice wurms. It's actually safer to stay in the middle (horizontally and vertically) and to the right as there are mines close to the bottom and there's a relatively clear path in the direct center-right of the course. Watch out for the wurms as dodging the projectiles could throw you into a mine. Be ready to use your Dart skill to speed past without trouble. There will be one flag about halfway down the corridor, and then another right in front of a rock formation, with the last nestled between some plants. Watch out for mines buried in the plants.

Section 4

After the third flag, the course will begin to rise towards the surface. At the top of the rise is your next flag. Beyond this there isn't much danger other than some sea urchins. Occasionally there will be an event to kill a veteran largos assassin that escorts should keep an eye on. There are two more flags awaiting you before you're done.