Font of Rhand

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Font of Rhand

Font of Rhand.jpg
Font of Rhand

The Font of Rhand is the former entrance to the Flame Temple Tombs in Diessa Plateau. Players can only access the Flame Temple Tombs by completing the Flame Legion Battles meta-event.

Until the Flame Legion occupied the crypts, it was accessed through the Font of Rhand. It is an Ascalonian human crypt that predates the Searing and, as such, is devoid of Foefire Ascalonian ghosts.




This is best completed with 3 to 4 people due to timed events and a final champion. To reach the Font of Rhand, a series of quests must be completed at the Bloodsaw Mill at Bulliyak Arsenal.

  • Firstly, if the mill is under control of the Flame Legion, you must retake it.
  • After recapturing Bloodsaw Mill, you must assist the members of the Night warband as they search for the perfect devourer egg to raise, and gather scrap metal to repair the damaged lumber mill. After all this is complete, the Night warband will start their counter-assault on the Flame Legion's headquarters, Incendio Templum.
  • At Incendio Templum, both the lower and upper ground must be captured from the Flame Legion. After securing the Flame Legion's headquarters, a portal for the Flame Legion to retreat into opens, allowing you and your party to follow them, into Font of Rhand.
  • Upon entering the mini-dungeon, avoid the white tiles which trigger traps, arrows that fire at you from the ceiling taking half your health.
  • Take the immediate left (doing a 180 from the entrance), walk down the stairs and defeat veteran flame legion Charr, causing the wall to break behind the veteran at his death. Make sure that when the Charr Veteran dies, he is positioned exactly in front of the ice wall when he uses his spell that sends you flying backwards when close to him, so everyone should stack on the veteran until his health runs out.
  • In the next room, climb to the top of the ruins and edge out near the third torch where you get the "leap" ability. Aim your character towards the chain in the center of the room and use the leap ability to "grab" the chain as you approach it. Pick up the sword and do not leave it on the ground - it will disappear after a short time so bring a friend for him/her to hold while you take care of the next steps. You will need this sword for the very end. Leave the room and head towards the entrance room with the floor traps.
  • (Option 1)From the entrance room you can make a left turn, but before you do, make sure to destroy a statue and obtain its stone head for you to use as ammunition for the mortar which is out of ammo, to be used to collapse the ceiling and break through the icy floor for a short-cut instead of turning right at the entrance room. There are three statues that are placed in the wall opposite to the tunnel you came in at the start.
    • If the mortar is bugged and won't allow you to interact with it with the statue head in hand, stand on the floor and re-log into the game to get beneath it. It also cannot be interacted with if the floor has already been destroyed.
      • If this does not work, you can still gain access to the chamber under the broken floor by going to the right room (room 2B from the guide on Flame Temple Tombs) and opening a door with the chains that are on the ceiling of the sunken area. There are two doorways opposite each other in the ice/flame room, and one leads to underneath the breakable ground, if you need to get the Water of Rhand and can't get through otherwise.
  • (Option 2)Take right tunnel from entrance and swim down two sets of stairs. Use the chain which opens the wall directly in front of the chains
  • Swim under the flames shooting from the walls ignoring the Charr. The flames take half your health also.
  • Enter the Flame/Frost room and grab the ranged weapon near the torches. The goal is to extinguish all of the dragon heads. This is accomplished by using the Frost torch which will give you a boon that lasts about a minute, releasing a bubble from a casket and firing at the bubble such that it reflects and hits yourself when you are near the dragon head. This will cause an icy burst around you which will extinguish the flaming dragon heads near you.
  • After stopping the dragon heads flaming, it will open the locked gate, swim down to statues and give the sword to the incomplete statue which is located on the right of the final gate.
  • Swim to the next room to fight the champion, Rhendak the Crazed.