"Feel My Wrath!"

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"Feel My Wrath!".png

"Feel My Wrath!"

Guardian icon small.png Guardian (skill list)
Training cost
9 Hero points
Game link
0.25¼ Activation time  
30 Recharge time
24 Recharge time
"Feel My Wrath!"

Shout. Grant fury and quickness to nearby allies. The duration of the quickness you grant yourself is doubled.

Quickness.png Quickness (3s): Skills and actions are faster.
Fury.png Fury (10s): +25% Critical Chance
Fury.png Fury (10s): +20% Critical Chance
Superspeed.png Superspeed (30.5½s): Movement speed is greatly increased. Maximum duration: 10s
Number of targets.png Number of Allied Targets: 5
Radius.png Radius: 600

— In-game description


There is a bug with Hunter's Determination that switches this back out with the 30 second version

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  • The character will occasionally shout out when using this skill, lines are different for each race:
Feel my wrath! (human/asura/charr)
This is my wrath! (norn)
You will know my wrath! (sylvari)

Version history[edit]

For a detailed skill history, see here.

Patch Changes
March 19, 2024
  • This skill now grants superspeed in addition to its other effects.
June 27, 2023
  • Reduced cooldown from 30 seconds to 24 seconds in PvP and WvW.
June 28, 2022
  • Fury: Critical chance bonus increased from 20% to 25% in PvE only.
July 07, 2020
  • Reduced recharge from 35 seconds to 30 seconds. This skill now grants 6 seconds of quickness to the guardian and 3 seconds to other nearby allies. It previously granted 5 seconds of quickness to all affected characters.
February 25, 2020 Competitive content update:
  • This skill has been unsplit across game modes and now has a 35-second cooldown, grants 5 seconds of quickness, and grants 10 seconds of fury across all modes.
December 11, 2018
  • Cleaned up visual effects to remove an incorrect radius indicator.
May 22, 2018
  • Fixed a bug the prevented the fury skill fact from displaying.
May 08, 2018
  • The quickness duration of this skill is no longer split between game modes and will now use the higher 8-second duration in all modes.
  • Its cooldown remains split between modes at 45 seconds in PvE and 35 seconds in WvW and PvP.
March 27, 2018
  • Reduced the cooldown from 45 seconds to 35 seconds in PvP and WvW.
February 22, 2017
  • The quickness duration granted by this skill has been increased from 5 seconds to 8 seconds in PvP only.
September 29, 2015
  • Increased the recharge of this skill from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.
July 07, 2015
  • This shout is now usable underwater.
June 23, 2015 Specialization update:
  • "Feel My Wrath!" has been added to the game.