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Primal burst attacks are a warrior profession mechanic that expend all built-up adrenaline. They are introduced with the elite specialization, the Berserker. Each weapon has one primal burst skill. The primal burst skill replaces the Burst skill while Berserk is activated by the F1 key, and is automatically chosen according to the two-handed weapon equipped or, in case of dual-wielding, the weapon equipped in the main hand.

List of primal burst skills[edit]

Weapon Skill Description
Leap at your foe with a powerful attack. Foes behind your target also take damage.
Arc Divider.png
 Arc Divider
Deliver a circular attack to foes around you, creating a violent shock wave that damages foes. Deal more damage to foes with low health.
Rupturing Smash.png
 Rupturing Smash
Jump to the targeted location and slam your hammer down, creating a deadly chain of earthen shock waves that immobilize foes.
Scorched Earth.png
 Scorched Earth
Fire a burning shot into the ground that creates a trail of flaming destruction.
Skull Grinder.png
 Skull Grinder
Unleash a powerful skull strike that dazes your target and inflicts multiple conditions.
Gun Flame.png
 Gun Flame
Fire a fast, flaming shot that explodes on the first foe it hits, interrupting foes in the area.
Flaming Flurry.png
 Flaming Flurry
Lash out with a flurry of strikes that destroys projectiles and shoots fireballs at foes in front of you.
Harpoon gun
Burning Shackles.png
 Burning Shackles
Fire a fast, forceful shot that immobilizes and burns foes.
Wild Whirl.png
 Wild Whirl
Strike all foes around you, burning and pulling them in.

Related traits[edit]

See also: Burst


  • Primal bursts are all considered tier 1 bursts for traits that scale according to adrenaline level.