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Disambig icon.png This article is about the geographical region. For the mastery tracks associated with this region, see Central Tyria mastery tracks.

Central Tyria[1] refers to the regions in Tyria that were accessible prior to the launch of Heart of Thorns.

List of regions[edit]

The following regions are considered part of Central Tyria.

Once a great human kingdom, Ascalon was since retaken by the charr, scorched by the Searing and cursed by the Foefire, leaving a brown land and a human ghost army behind. The Stronghold of Ebonhawke and the Iron Legion capital Black Citadel can be found here. The Dragonbrand, created by the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik's flight to the Crystal Desert, scars the land.
A lush, green area rich with fertile soil located in the central-western area of the continent. The last remaining human kingdom on Tyria, ruled by Queen Jennah, featuring the grand cities of Divinity's Reach and Lion's Arch. Despite this, its countryside is raided by marauding centaurs, while refugees come here from all over the known world.
Maguuma Jungle
The Maguuma Jungle is a mechanical region that encompasses zones from the Tarnished Coast to the Steamspur Mountains.
Maguuma Wastes
Northern part of the original Maguuma Jungle which has dried out over the years. The region has been suffering from incursions of the Mordrem.
Ruins of Orr
Originally a human kingdom and the residence of their gods in the city of Arah. The Orrian peninsula has sunk as a result of the Cataclysm and subsequently re-emerged with the rising of the Elder Dragon Zhaitan, whose Risen populate the region to this day.
Shiverpeak Mountains
Giant mountain range running north to south between Ascalon and Kryta. Current home of the norn, who reside in the mighty settlement of Hoelbrak, and the kodan after being driven from the north by the Elder Dragon Jormag. The mountains hold their share of dangers for those daring to traverse them, ranging from the aggressive dredge to the hulking jotun.



  1. ^ a b For example, dialogue with Quartermaster Criswell and Redeemer Kossan refers to the region comprising the central part of the Tyrian continent as Central Tyria.