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Hell Breaks Loose

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Hell Breaks Loose

1336 AE
Secrets of the Obscure
Hell Breaks Loose
Skywatch Archipelago
(Horn of Maguuma)
Preceded by
Commander without a Cause
Followed by
Mother of Stars

Hell Breaks Loose.png

Hell Breaks Loose: ??? loading screen.

Hell Breaks Loose 2.jpg

Loading screen second instance also called Hell Breaks Loose: ???

Hell Breaks Loose is the second chapter of the Secrets of the Obscure story.


Survive...wherever you are.
  • Get your bearings.
  • Glide down to the lower platform.
  • Speak to the hulking creature.
  • Defend yourself!
  • Hide in the rubble and run from Cerus to make your escape!
  • Enter the new rift.
Find your way to safety.
  • Get your bearings. Again.
  • Follow your allies through the undercroft.
  • Take the Heart of the Obscure from Zojja.
  • Use the Heart of the Obscure to seal the Kryptis rift.
  • Follow your allies through the undercroft.
  • Use the Heart of the Obscure to seal the Kryptis rift.
  • Use the Heart of the Obscure to seal the Kryptis rift.
  • Exit the undercroft.
  • Find a way to get to the floating platform.
  • Mount your skyscale.
  • Use the Heart to close rifts while mounted on your skyscale: x/4
  • Rift can be closed once nearby enemies are defeated.
  • Land on the floating platform.
  • (Clear the Kryptis off the platform.)
  • Clear the Kryptis from the Platform
    Event bar empty green.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Regroup with your allies.
  • (Speak to Lyhr, Zojja, and Mabon.)
  • Speak with Lyhr, Zojja, and Mabon
    Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Speak with Frode.


First Time
Unlocking the Heart of the Obscure will award a Secrets of the Obscure mastery point Mastery Point, even though there is no related achievement.


You awaken in a stone corridor filled with red growths. Jump over the balcony and glide to the large stone platform. Listen to the Menacing Voice and experience its owner, the Hulking Creature, invading your personal space before engaging in a futile battle. The Commander will be afflicted with a a sickness debuff, that makes them increasingly weaker. Eventually, key class mechanics, such as Warrior's adrenaline bars or Thief's initiative will be severely reduced and movement will become impossible. If the Hulking Creature is reduced to 85% health it becomes Invulnerable and heals up. Keep up this game until he tires and you will be dragged to another corridor. Quickly try to head to the farthest side of the large room while keeping in mind the location of hiding spots. You will at most be able to get to the second hiding spot before the Hulking Creature appears again. Repeat this a few times, always making sure to wait until the creature moves at least two hiding spots away lest it pursue you, until a Familiar Voice speaks and opens a portal that leads to your safety.

That Familiar Voice was Zojja, accompanied by a Norn and a Mursaat. Follow them out into the larger room and up the stairs into a library while fighting Horrific Creatures along the way. Continue this until an eye-like portal, also know as a Kryptis Rift, blocks the way and get the Heart of the Obscure from Zojja. Repeat this twice more and then exit out to the courtyard for your formal introduction the Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure.

For the four rifts the southern and western ones are close to the ground and are easily sealed on foot after defeating the surrounding enemies. For the northern and eastern rifts however, a Skyscale is necessary. If you do not have one of your own it will have to be borrowed from Skyscale Trainer Dyanne between the two central towers. If any rift is missing it is most likely the northern one since it is very high up.

Head up to the large floating rock in the northwest corner and help your new allies defeat the small Kryptis as well as the larger Champion Incarnation of Judgement. Finally, speak with your new comrades for some information about the situation.


This achievement rewards items. Hell Breaks Loose Secrets of the Obscure: Act 1 Secrets of the Obscure mastery point 1Achievement points
Survive the ordeals of being pulled into a strange new world.Journal: Hell Breaks Loose
Reward: Stash of Astral Coins.pngStash of Astral Coins
Completed "Hell Breaks Loose" 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story mission.
Written Ward Secrets of the Obscure: Act 1 1Achievement points
Find and read the Astral Ward communiques.Journal: Hell Breaks Loose Read 2 Astral Ward Communiques 1Achievement points
  • Find and read the two Written Wards in the instance in which you are introduced to Zojja and her allies.
    • Follow your allies into the room with the burning beams (the second room overall) and then round the corner. The first communiques is a Letter titled "Letter to Moon Camp" on the bookcase on the left
    • When you get outside and need to close four kryptis rifts, the second communique is a Field Report titled "Hastily Written Field Report" and it is located on the second floor of the tower in the courtyard on the level with the blue orb.
This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. We're Friends Now Secrets of the Obscure: Act 1 0Achievement points
Befriend a mursaat.Journal: Hell Breaks Loose Befriended a Mursaat 0Achievement points
  • After clearing the rifts, at the end of the mission (when the option appears for speaking with each of the three allies - Zojja, Lyhr and Mabon), complete every dialogue with Mabon prior to speaking with Frode.



  • Mabon / Unknown...Mursaat?





<Character name>: Where... am I?
Strange Voice: Oh! You don't belong here, do you?
Arina: Is everyone okay? Astral Ward, follow my voice!
Rift Hunter Warrior: (pained groan)
After gliding to the platform
Menacing Voice: I can smell your fear. Your... trepidation!
Menacing Voice: A hint of pride, a drop of joy...
If defeated Deimos:
Menacing Voice: I can taste it all on your breath. There's also something... familiar. Maybe him...?
Menacing Voice: I can taste it all on your breath.
<Character name>: Who are you?
Hulking Creature: Your mind is... perplexing. Your thoughts are pungent. Where have you been...?
<Character name>: What is this place?
Hulking Creature: My home.
Hulking Creature: Tell me, flickering soul, what are you? I haven't tasted such... depth in a long, long while.
<Character name>: Don't take another step.
Hulking Creature: I do like it when my prey is... determined.
After fight begins
Hulking Creature: You traveled from Tyria...?
<Character name>: Guess that answers one of my questions.
Hulking Creature: You know so little.
<Character name>: Who are you?
Hulking Creature: To you? A savant of grief.
Hulking Creature: (menacing laughter)
Strange Voice: Cerus is too strong.
<Character name>: Cerus? Is that his name?
Strange Voice: Say it louder.
Cerus: (menacing laughter)
Cerus: You are very adamant.
<Character name>: Could say the same about you, Cerus.
Cerus: Dare you utter my name...
Cerus: I grow bored of this.
Cerus: The Realm of Dreams hungers for your soul.
Strange Voice: Get. Up.
<Character name>: What?
Strange Voice: MOVE!
After getting moved to new location
Cerus: Where are you going?
Cerus: I tire of this chase.
Cerus: (menacing laughter)
Familiar Voice: This thing still works—I got a signal! No time to talk, Commander. We're opening a portal for you now. Hurry up!
<Character name>: Taimi?
Strange Voice: Curious little thing, you are...
After going through rift (cut-scene)
<Character name>: (grunts)
Taimi?: Alchemy, it worked...
<Character name>: (groans)
Unknown... Mursaat?: Take a deep breath. Count to three and think of your fondest memory.
Unknown... Mursaat?: Traveling through the Mists can be taxing on the mind.
Not Taimi: They've got experience with this kind of thing. You'll pull through, huh?
Not Taimi: Hi there, Commander. Been a while.
After the cienamtic
Burly Norn: We need to keep moving, Zojja. How's your friend doing?
Zojja: They're fine, they're fine! Little rift-lagged, is all.
<Character name>: Rift-lagged... and... Zojja? What are you doing here?
Zojja: We'll give you the full breakdown once things settle. Mabon, you gonna look for the other wizards?
<Character name>: Wizards...? Wait, who are you?
Burly Norn: Cool your blood, Commander. Mabon is one of us.
Unknown... Mursaat?: Yes. I'll meet you outside. Be safe.
<Character name>: Zojja... you're here?
Zojja: Sharp as always, Commander.
Burly Norn: All right, you two, with me! Can't slow down.
Frode: Name's Frode.
<Character name>: Someone want to fill me in on what's going on?
Zojja: Hmm, where to start...?
Frode: Less banter, more fighting.
<Character name>: What are these things? Demons?
Frode: Kryptis.
Zojja: Who are demons, so technically speaking, you're not incorrect!
<Character name>: Kryptis?
Frode: The Kryptis are... organized. They aren't your average night terror.
Astral Ward Mage: They keep coming!
Rift Hunter Warrior: Someone get eyes on the rift!
Receiving Heart of the Obscure
Zojja: Commander, take this. It might give you a headache, but you'll get used to it. Promise.
<Character name>: What is this thing?
Zojja: The Heart of the Obscure. We're still learning the depths of its power, but we know it can seal and open rifts.
Zojja: Found it stuffed in— Not important, Zojja! We need to take control of this situation!
After sealing the first rift
Frode: Not bad, but we need to keep moving.
After exiting building
If asura:
<Character name>: Alchemy...
If charr:
<Character name>: Blazes...
If human:
<Character name>: By the Six...
If norn:
<Character name>: Dragonstorm be damned...
If sylvari:
<Character name>: Oh, Pale Mother...
<Character name>: What's... what's going on here? What happened...?
Zojja: Let's just say the Wizard's Tower... went a little rogue. Spit out a little magic.
Frode: Don't think you're helping much, little friend.
<Character name>: Is that Garenhoff?
Frode: It's not quite your Garenhoff. We'll explain soon.
Frode: This is about as new to us as it is to you. What a damn mess.
Gruff Voice: Frode! Zojja! Help an old sack of iron!
Frode: Lyhr! We're coming!
Frode: Commander, hop on a skyscale. It's the fastest way up.
Zojja: Skyscales and I... don't get along. Seal the rifts as you ascend. I'll do what I can from the ground.
Approaching a platform where Lyhr is fighting
Lyhr: Took you long enough. Still adjusting to the split.
Lyhr: Fight with me!
Zojja: More of 'em?
Frode: Looks like your friend earned us some unwanted attention.
<Character name>: Not that I had any say in that.
Mabon is joining the fight
Lyhr: Mabon! Thank the forge. Thought I'd lost you too.
Mabon: They certainly put up a fight, but for now, let's focus on the one in front of us.
After defeating the Champion
Lyhr: Dagda...
Mabon: She'll be okay, Lyhr. How are you feeling?
Lyhr: Adjusting. The split is never easy.
Mabon: Take a moment.
Mabon: Ah, you all made it. Good.
Frode: All in one piece. What happened to Isgarren and Dagda?
<Character name>: Isgarren?
Frode: You've probably heard rumors.
Lyhr: Possessed. Dagda got it bad. Whatever they hit her with... Not great.
Lyhr: And our "beloved" seer is... Well. I've seen Isgarren in better shape.
Mabon: They fled for our own good. Eparch sent his strongest to take them down first.
Frode: Guess that makes you the standing chair of the Wizard's Court.
Mabon: And how are you doing? Stabilizing?
<Character name>: I have... questions.
Mabon: I'm sure you have many.
Mabon: So, Commander, let us fill you in.
Speaking with Zojja
<Character name>: Zojja, it's been...
Zojja: A long time, yeah.
<Character name>: I'm sorry, it's been an eventful day. Suppose I'm still in shock.
Zojja: Heh, I bet you are.
<Character name>: It's good to see you.
Zojja: And you. We have a lot to catch up on.
Zojja: It's...good to see you again. Though I'm sure we both wish it were under different circumstances. What else would you like to know?
Talk more option tango.png Where have you been?
Zojja: Here.
Zojja: I went back to Rata Sum after...Maguuma. They tried to help me heal, but nothing worked.
Zojja: It was different, then. It didn't feel like home. They treated me differently.
Zojja: So I traveled, and I traveled, and traveled. Until I found somewhere I belonged. They took me in, helped me heal.
Zojja: Been here since.
Talk more option tango.png How did you get here?
Zojja: The Wizard's Court keeps all of this a secret.
Zojja: When I left Rata Sum, I just...wandered for a while. I needed to be alone. I felt...
Zojja: I ran into another asura in a hunting lodge outside Divinity's Reach. Uenno. I told her my story. She told me hers.
Zojja: Then she took me to meet Mabon, and the rest is history.
Talk more option tango.png Are you in this Astral Ward?
Zojja: Yeah, I am. Been studying under Mabon for a few years now. He...saw something in me.
Zojja: Not just my brain, but...he saw a flicker of power in me. Magic. More than just the elements.
Zojja: I have always been proud of being a scientist—and believe me, I still am. But I never thought there was something else in there.
Zojja: Waiting to...come out.
Talk end option tango.png That's all for now, but let's catch up more later.
Speaking with Lyhr
Lyhr: Ah! You must be the commander Mabon spoke so highly of. I guess you're about what I expected.
<Character name>: And what did you expect?
Lyhr: Couple more scars. Taller, maybe.
Lyhr: I jest. We monitored you as we monitor all magical anomalies.
Lyhr: Dont worry. You're one of the good ones.
Lyhr: If you weren't... Well, you'd be dead.
Lyhr: Things are chaotic around here, to say the least, but I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.
Talk more option tango.png What happened to the other wizards? Isgarren and Dagda?
Lyhr: Possessed. It's a nasty little trick courtesy of our friends, the Kryptis.
Lyhr: They wiggle their way into your mind, corrupt each thought one by one until you're raw. The pain refuses to cease.
<Character name>: And why didn't you get possessed?
Lyhr: Not for a lack of trying! I came prebuilt with a special little ability that allows me to split into two.
Lyhr: Can't take over my consciousness if half of it is hightailing it to the Wizard's Tower, can you?
Talk more option tango.png You aren't...made of stone?
Lyhr: I'm not, no. Ascended before the last dwarf turned.
Lyhr: I have...strange feelings about that. The Rite. But I'm reaching for something that isn't there, or behind a thick wall.
Lyhr: Must be sounding a little "woo" to you, aren't I? Wizards like Mabon and I are a little different from you mortals.
Lyhr: We needed to Ascend to get these powers. Separate our planes of consciousness so that we can connect to the current.
Lyhr: In simpler terms... Our "old self" is put on a separate shelf. Our "new self," our wizard selves, take over.
Talk end option tango.png I can't think of anything else right now.
Speaking with Mabon
Mabon: I'm sure you have many questions for me.
<Character name>: Quite a few. Are you...?
Mabon: A mursaat, yes. And I'm sure that isn't the biggest shock you've receieved today.
<Character name>: Wizards, the Astral Ward. Traveling to...wherever I was. No, it's not.
<Character name>: I apologize if I find it hard to trust you immediately. My only experiences with the mursaat have been...
Mabon: Dire at best, I know. Ask whatever you need. My knowledge is yours. You've placed a lot in us already.
Mabon: I'm certain you have many questions. What can I answer for you?
Talk more option tango.png What is this place?
Mabon: We are currently standing outside the Beacon of Ages.
Mabon: You may recognize it from folklore. Tyria dubbed it the "Wizard's Folly Tower." Not our choice, of course.
Mabon: We have beacons such as this all over the world. The tower on the horizon—you may recognize that too.
Mabon: They are...conduits, so to say. The shield that they powered was recently broken, hence... Well, all of this.
Mabon: This land is ancient and sacred. High above us in the clouds lies Amnytas, our home.
Mabon: Unfortunately, we're barred from getting any closer until we can quell the tower's defenses.
Talk more option tango.png What is the Wizard's Court?
Mabon: We are protectors, not too dissimilar from yourself and your liege. Aurene.
Mabon: While you kept Tyria safe from the threat of the dragon cycle, we watched you from the clouds.
Mabon: Until recently, the World Spire has powered a shield that guarded this world from the an extent.
Mabon: The final dragon cycle weighed heavily on our ability to shield ourselves. Nightfall came, Balthazar... Tyria has suffered, still.
Mabon: But when the cycle ended, the magical ecosystem was fractured. The lake stilled. And can see to the bottom.
Mabon: Aurene has begun to restabilize the system—I can feel her at work now. But until we mend the spire and our beacons...
Mabon: We are blood in the water. Not only to the kryptis, but anything else that may be looking.
Talk more option tango.png Who are the Astral Ward?
Mabon: They are our protectors.
Mabon: While the other wizards and I kept the shields in place, the Astral Ward kept eyes on the rest of the world.
Mabon: Despite our best efforts, there are cracks in every system. Creatures of the Mists have found ways inside.
Mabon: The ward protects you from them. Every time a rift opens in Tyria, they seal it and kill whatever terror it has set loose.
Talk more option tango.png Who are the Kryptis?
Mabon: The Kryptis are demons.
Mabon: They...evolved, learned. Their influence and power grew under the...guidance of their leader. Eparch.
Mabon: Centuries ago, Eparch wanted to join our ranks but Isgarren denied him entry. He found Eparch to be...ignorant. Hungry.
Mabon: Demons tend to be solitary creatures, but Eparch saw potential. Wells of power that they'd yet to tap into.
Mabon: He dubbed himself their king and built a society in his own image. One of fear and anger. Nayos, the Realm of Dreams.
Mabon: They've spent centuries watching us—and others. Learning all they can. Now, they've chosen to act.
Talk more option tango.png How come I've never heard of any of this?
Mabon: That was Isgarren's choice. And he made it long ago.
Mabon: He felt that the world only needed to focus on one terror at a time.
Mabon: Though I do admit, maybe this would have been prevented if we had asked for help sooner.
Talk end option tango.png That's all I have for now.
After filling the bar by talking to your allies
Frode: Commander, I require your attention! Come speak to me. Please.
Approaching Frode
Frode: ...And Arina?
Narcisse: She didn't make it back. Mabon focused all of his energy on grabbing the commander.
Frode: If she has half the strength of her mother, I pity the Kryptis that tries to put her down...
Frode: Ah, yes. Glad to see you on your feet.
<Character name>: Me too.
Frode: I suppose we finally have a breath for a proper introduction. Name's Frode. Welcome to the Astral Ward.
Frode: You proved your courage and tenacity. What more would you like to know?
Talk quest option tango.png Frode, is it? You wanted to speak with me?
Frode: I do. Now that you've got some sense of our situation, I've set up a meet with the rest of the Rift Hunters.
<Character name>: Rift Hunters? Are they also Astral Ward?
Frode: Correct. I'll explain later. Got a camp set up nearby. I'll walk you through everything.
<Character name>: Got it. I'll see you there soon.
Talk more option tango.png You all know who I am?
Narcisse: Of course we do.
Narcisse: We've watched your whole journey. Amazing, really. It's a bit jarring to see you in the flesh.
Frode: You've got quite the fan club up here.
Narcisse: We didn't always know if you were an ally. I mean, no offense! You've experienced so much.
<Character name>: I can't blame you for being hesitant.
Talk more option tango.png About Arina...
Frode: It's...okay. She's endured worse. If anyone can build a life for herself in a realm of rot and chaos, it's my daughter.
Narcisse: Is that a compliment?
Frode: (chuckle)
<Character name>: Arina is your daughter? I'm sorry, I had no idea what I was walking into...
Frode: That's not your fault. Being a member of the Astral Ward comes with severe consequences.
Talk more option tango.png So you two are members of this "ward"?
Frode: We are.
Narcisse: What our modest friend neglects to mention is that he is our valiant leader and guide.
Frode: Hm.
Narcisse: I am Narcisse. I specialize in medical magics and herbal remedies.
Narcisse: If you ever find yourself with a demon on your shoulder, give me a call.
Strange Voice: (laugh) Funny.
<Character name>: Will do.
Talk end option tango.png Nothing else.

My story[edit]

Hell Breaks Loose.png

Collecting my bearings in that place was like fishing a clear marble out of a canteen full of water. My thoughts were cloudy. My brain ached. Breathing the air burned my lungs. I could hear Arina in the distance, rallying the other Astral Ward who were pulled into this mysterious realm.

As I navigated the unfamiliarity of that threatening space, I was assaulted by a booming voice. Before long, I stood before an enormous, vile monster. He circled me for a short while, clearly playing with his presumed food. He was curious about my arrival, noting that I had "traveled from Tyria" to get to...wherever this place is.

As the great beast danced around me, clearly unafraid, another voice prickled my ears. She called the thick-winged demon "Cerus." I am not especially fond of this Cerus.

I don't like to trust mysterious voices of unknown origin—especially after the events in Gyala Delve—but when this one urged me to run, I decided to follow the suggestion. I know when to admit defeat. Dying in that bloodied hall by Cerus's hands and...meat wings...was not an option. I ducked behind rubble and debris to escape my pursuer, but before I could ponder my impending death, somehow a comms call broke through the haze and chaos. It sounded like Taimi, but I couldn't quite tell. Then, another portal opened just ahead of me, and I dove right through it to escape that tragic hellhole.

When I emerged in Tyria, I was on the ground. Inside, I thought? Two figures stood before me, watching—Zojja, who I hadn't seen in...years, and him. A mursaat. Mabon. My blood felt cold.

Lazarus's voice boomed through my head. Another mursaat? Here, in Tyria? My instinct was to fight—or flee, maybe—but Zojja and another norn named Frode talked me down. They informed me that this Mabon is an ally, and, somehow, I feel like everything I know to be true is about to be flipped over.

Once the tunnel vision faded, I could hear the crackling of nearby fires and shouting. Wherever I landed, the fight was just outside. Mabon departed to search for the "other wizards," stirring an ever-brewing pot of questions in my mind. Zojja and Frode guided me forward. There was a fight to be had before we could catch up.

As we fought our way upstairs, we encountered even more of those creatures. Frode called them the Kryptis—a faction of demons from a place called Nayos (which seems to be another name for the demon realm). Even more rifts emerged, and Zojja handed me a peculiar device that she called the Heart of the Obscure. She told me that it had the ability to seal rifts. I picked it up without hesitation; there weren't any other options.

We pushed forward until we emerged from the fortress. Garenhoff—no, Elona... Fragments of places littered the horizon before me, lifting into the sky. Another unfamiliar voice broke my concentration. A living, breathing (not made of stone) dwarf named Lyhr—who I would soon learn was another of these wizards—shouted for aid from above. I took a skyscale and made my way up.

Rejoined by Mabon, we were able to bash the rest of the Kryptis threats. In a moment of reprieve, all attention was turned straight to me: the stranger. With a great deal of patience, Mabon attempted to guide me through their journey to date.

This is the Astral Ward. They protect the Wizard's Court. Oh, and there are demons. A lot of demons.

My story