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Originally constructed by the Stone Summit, the Iron Forgeman was a massive golem powered by enslaved elemental djinns. It was used to control Sorrow's Furnace, was controlling the flames of the gargantuan furnace deep within the mine, and was intended to be used in the war against Deldrimor. When Deldrimor had heard of the Iron Forgeman's existence, they had sent in spies disguised as slaves to scout the furnace, hindered the Stone Summit's leadership, and then sent in a small squad to destroy the Iron Forgeman itself. Shortly after, Oola had recovered parts of the Iron Forgeman and began creating smaller copies in her lab.

In recent years, it was rebuilt by Kudu of the Inquest as part of their deal with the dredge. The new version is larger than before, and is powered by Elder Dragon energies instead of enslaved djinn like the original. It remains incomplete still, comprised only of a torso, head, and one arm. The purpose of the Iron Forgeman is unknown, but given War Minister Shukov's speech to the dredge, it is likely intended for a similar purpose as the Stone Summit's intention: to wage war on the surface.


Shiverpeak Mountains


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  • When the Iron Forgeman is defeated, he descends into the lava pit. Before he completely submerges, he gives a thumbs up. This is a reference to Terminator 2: Judgment Day, where the T-800 Terminator is submerged in molten steel and gives the same dying gesture.