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You may have already heard my theory about the Elder Dragons consuming magic. Today, I'm here to present incontrovertible proof of that theory. Proof, and a warning. If left unchecked, the dragons will consume every last iota of magic in the world.

Professor Gorr

Professor Gorr is an asuran scientist from the College of Synergetics who is studying Elder Dragon energies and their consumption of magic in Tyria. He is the inventor of the Vacuumagic Polarizer and author of the revolutionary Draconic enchanto-consumption theory.


Personal story[edit]

As Professor of the College of Synergetics, Gorr authored the controversial Draconic enchanto-consumption theory according to which magic was finite and that the Elder Dragons' goal was to consume all of it. In 1325 AE he was arrested by the Arcane Eye while having a lecture in Rata Sum and was taken to a remote cell.

The Snaff Savant, Zojja and affiliates from the three Orders believed the professor and worked hard to free him, confronting Arcane Eye agents and their leader Rakt along the way who wanted to stop them from spreading Gorr's theories further by any means necessary. The group devised a way to let Rata Sum know of the professor's revolutionary discoveries about dragon minions absorbing magic and spread the word while disposing of Rakt as well who made a last ditch effort to stop them.

However, when Gorr confronted High Councillor Flax about the theory and his mistreatment by the Arcane Eye, the group learned much to their horror that Flax and the Arcane Council had known the validity of Gorr's theory long in advance but had chosen to use Rakt's forces to keep the information a secret from the rest of the asuran populace in order to exploit the knowledge for Rata Sum's gain and to promote asuran superiority over the other races. When confronted with accusations of corruption, Flax coldly dismissed the group, letting Gorr leave alive but also mentioning that the group's meddling would work in the Arcane Council's favor in the long run.

The incident with the Arcane Council did not dissuade Gorr from continuing his research, however; instead he worked twice as hard now that he was certain there was more to discover as he aligned himself with the Order of Whispers. Further studies on dragon minions revealed more about the Elder Dragons, particularly Zhaitan whose Risen were causing more and more trouble in Central Tyria. To test his theory and figure out a way to combat the dragons, Gorr invented the Vacuumagic Polarizer which was a rifle that essentially removed magic from a person or object, poisoned it, and then transfered it back.

The field test on dragon minions with the polarizer was a rousing success, allowing Gorr to finetune his invention for later campaigns as the orders united forces and formed the Pact which was led by Marshal Trahearne and the Pact Commander. Gorr did his part in reclaiming Claw Island from the Risen invasion force led by Zhaitan's champion, Blightghast the Plaguebringer, and helped locate the Mouth of Zhaitan which the Pact forces destroyed to weaken Zhaitan as the Pact pushed into the dragon's domain in the Ruins of Orr.

When Trahearne and the Pact Commander came under assault at the Artesian Waters while trying to purify the source of Orr which was Zhaitan's main source of magic sustenance, Gorr was one of the potential reinforcements present to assist the pair when they were close to being overwhelmed by retaliating Risen.

Gorr's research helped in part as Zojja designed the MEGA-LIT cannon which was used by the airship known as The Glory of Tyria to fell Zhaitan in the final battle above the skies of the Ruined City of Arah. After the Pact's victory over the Elder Dragon, Gorr attended the festivities at Fort Trinity.

Living World Season 2[edit]

Gorr traveled to Camp Resolve in 1327 AE and helped the Pact prepare to take the fight to the newest Elder Dragon threat, Mordremoth. While in the camp, he briefly chatted with the Pact Commander who was en route to find Glint's egg. It is not known if the professor later accompanied the Pact Fleet on its flight to the Heart of Maguuma to confront Mordremoth.

Living World Season 4[edit]

Following the Pact's victory over Mordremoth, Gorr returned to Central Tyria and continued working with the College of Synergetics. He provided the Pact Commander's contact information to Synergetics researcher Traskk in 1331 AE, suggesting that they use the Commander as a candidate for field testing the latest Synergetics invention: the Infused Crystal which was an ectoplasmic matrix infused within a vision crystal that allowed its user to view apparitions and ghostly entities invisible to the naked eye.

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Personal story[edit]

Living World Season 2[edit]