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Point of Interest
Wizard's Fief
(Kessex Hills)
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Garenhoff's docks

Interactive map

Garenhoff is a small port town located in the south east of Kessex Hills in Wizard's Fief. The village is heavily populated with tamed Earth and Ice Elementals, which protect the town and perform a variety of labor. The elementals are summoned by Isgarren, who lives in Wizard's Tower; they obey whatever commands the villagers give them. Due to this, the village is considered the safest place in the land, and due to the Wizard's Tower and elementals has heavy tourist traffic. Garenhoff is also used as a base for the Arcane Eye.


Hidden window of the Arcane Eye Base. Re-login near the asuran wall, gets the player inside.
  • The Arcane Eye base is accessible during Protest Too Much and Pry the Eye Open (parts of the asura personal story). The window to the left of the security gate terminal in the Arcane Eye base looks out on the town of Garrenhoff; however, this window is not visible from the outside.