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Disambig icon.png This article is about the leader of the Arcane Council. For the resource node, see Flax.

The world's best and only hope is for us to start running it. When Rata Sum defeats the dragons, Tyria will fall to its knees and beg us to rule it.

— High Councillor Flax

High Councillor Flax is the leader of the Arcane Council. To the public, he appears as a good-natured individual who promotes innovation, and promotes groups, even the Inquest, so long as the krewes' inventions are effective. He openly prefers non-Inquest inventions over Inquest, so long as they're more effective at the job, and shows interest in the Inquest's inventions only due to their cost-efficiency.

Beneath his public facade, however, Flax shows his intent to utilize whatever means necessary to promote the asura race as superior to all other races, and actively controls information spread and even uses the presence of the Elder Dragons for this goal.


Maguuma Jungle

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Personal story[edit]


  • Someone named Flax was on the Arcane Council in 1237 AE.[1] Whether this is High Councillor Flax or not is unclear, but if so then Flax is roughly a century old, making him one of the oldest asura still alive.
  • Flax wears Sorcerer's Masque, Epaulets, Livery and Shoes, combined with Embroidered Coat, and Masquerade leggings. As four of those pieces are human light Tier 3 cultural armor, he is one of the few NPCs wearing cultural armor of another race.


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