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Separatist Captain DeLana


Monique DeLana.jpg

DeLana's disguise before the kidnapping.

Fools! You've let her slip her bonds!

Separatist Captain DeLana

Separatist Captain Monique DeLana was the leader of the Separatists forces that attempted to assassinate Queen Jennah in 1325 AE.


Early years[edit]

Monique DeLana was born in Ascalon, and was raised to view the invading charr as an enemy. While serving in the army, she was eventually promoted to captain and fought under General Caudecus Beetlestone in the War for Ascalon Independence. When a ceasefire between humans and charr was signed by Queen Jennah, Duke Wade Samuelsson, and three charr imperators in 1324 AE, DeLana and the forces under her felt betrayed and formed the Separatists to continue battling the charr while sabotaging attempts at peace talks and trying to persuade the citizens of Ebonhawke to join the fight. Upon receiving a note from a minister who revealed himself to be sympathetic to the Separatist cause and asked DeLana to help him against humanity's enemies, DeLana was relieved that she still had support, and joined the minister's plot to weaken Queen Jennah's regime.[1]

Personal story[edit]

In 1325 AE, DeLana attended a party celebrating the human-charr détente at Caudecus's Manor in Kryta. Initially posing as an ambassador from Ebonhawke, she was forced to act when her co-conspirator, the Krytan inventor Uzolan, unveiled the Prototype Golem too soon in an attempt to attack the investigators. In the ensuing chaos DeLana successfully used the golem's teleport ray to transport herself, Queen Jennah and a few of the ambassadors to the manor's basement where she changed into her officer gear and ordered her fellow Separatists to defend her from any pursuers while she took her captives to the hidden trail behind the manor.

Upon reaching the Separatist camp, DeLana ordered some of her soldiers to place the charr ambassador Mia Kindleshot in a cage and keep her alive until she had finished her business with the queen. However, Jennah managed to slip her bonds and cast a defensive barrier around herself, forcing DeLana and her remaining followers to find ways to break through. When they were found by Logan Thackeray, Zojja and the Pact Commander who were searching for the queen, the Separatists changed plans and attempted to kill the pursuers and Jennah. However, the trio ultimately bested them, saving the queen and killing Captain DeLana in the process.

Living World Season 3[edit]

In 1330 AE, investigations of Caudecus's manor revealed letters which condemned the former Legate Minister Caudecus of being the true mastermind behind DeLana's plot to kidnap Queen Jennah and that the Separatists had been working for his White Mantle.[1]



Combat abilities[edit]


DefianceLocked defiance bar

  • Dual Shot Dual Shot - Shoot a pair of arrows at your foe.
  • Combustive Shot Combustive Shot - Burst. Ignite target area, burning nearby foes. Effect increases with adrenaline level.
  • Pin Down Pin Down - Fire an arrow that bleeds and immobilizes your target.
  • Kick Kick - Physical. Push your foe back with a kick.
  • Smoke Grenade
Stolen skills


"Slay them and their queen!" (when one of her allies dies)


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Embroidered Coin Purse.png Embroidered Coin Purse Container Exotic 1


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  1. ^ a b Master of Puppets Old Friends, Older Enemies: General Beetlestone, When I heard your queen was selling Ascalon out to the charr, I was afraid you were on board with that madness. That you'd forgotten about your soldiers out here in the trenches. I appreciate your note, and I'm glad you're as disgusted with this "treaty" as I am. If your White Mantle pledge to free Ascalon from the charr, then you have the Separatists' support. And mine. It will be an honor to fight alongside you once again, General. Together, we will cleanse these lands. —Captain DeLana