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Tower of Secrets

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Tower of Secrets

1336 AE
Secrets of the Obscure
Tower of Secrets
The Wizard's Tower
(Horn of Maguuma)
Preceded by
The Missing Facet
Followed by
Mabon's Fate

Tower of Secrets map.jpg

Map with the six key locations

Tower of Secrets is the sixth chapter of the Secrets of the Obscure story.


Secure the Wizard's Tower
  • Meet with your allies.
  • Choose which group to accompany.
  • Defend the wizards as they cleanse the halls of the tower.
  • Regroup with the wizards and Astral Ward.
  • Gain access to the Hall of Confluence.
  • Ritual Progress
  • Event bar empty green.jpg Event flag green.png
  • Accompany the wizards into the Hall of Confluence.
Restore the Wizard's Tower.
  • Listen to Dagda explain the tower's needs.
  • Bastion keys returned: x/6
  • (Optional) Ask allies if they have any other tasks.
  • (Optional) Navigational Charts found: x/6
  • (Optional) Misplaced artifacts recovered: x/4
  • (Optional) Kryptis Stragglers Hunted
  • Event bar empty green.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Return to the Hall of Confluence and use the astral translocator when you're ready.
  • Complete!



Starting from the same point in the Wizard's Tower where the last mission ended, choose to help escort either Lyhr along the left side of the tower or Mabon along the right side of the tower, defeating groups of Kryptis along the way and ending with a fight against a tough one at the end. Following the reuniting of the two groups there will be a defence event with another few waves of Kryptis. Take note of the glowing runes on the walls along your path. While they can't be interacted with now they are the locations for the keys for the second half of the mission.

With that task completed, your next step will be to open the second half of the tower by finding the 6 keys to the surrounding pillars.

The Six Keys

Each of the directions below commences from the pillar room.

  • Bastion of Balance Key — Take the Astral Ward Rift portal. Rotate 180 degrees to find it affixed to the wall.
  • Bastion of Knowledge Key — Take the Astral Ward Rift portal. Head east outdoors, then south down the steps. Go forwards, keeping close to the left wall until you spot the book "Everyone Loves Wizards". Promptly take this book up the broken steps you approached from. After leaping over the first gap of the stairs, on the right are bookshelves; place the book into the Mysterious Energy.
  • Bastion of the Obscure Key — Head east outdoors, then south down the broken steps. Beneath the steps lies a mysterious energy. Solve the riddle (the answer is "A secret").
  • Bastion of Strength Key — Head east outdoors, then south down the broken steps. At the bottom of the steps, you will see a room to the south. In the room, interact with the Mysterious Energy near the statues to trigger a strength trial. Utilize the provided healing skill to withstand the trial, noting that damage scales with your condition damage attribute. Removing some armor pieces could facilitate easier survival through this trial.
  • Bastion of the Natural Key — Take the Astral Ward Rift Portal. Head west outside, then south down the steps. At the bottom of the steps, to the south, enter the room with thick vines growing above its entrance. Pick up the water bucket, then exit the building and follow the path northwest until you see a burning tree. Use the Throw Water skill on the burning tree.
  • Bastion of the Celestial Key — Head west outdoors, then down the steps. At the bottom of the steps, turn north and take the damaged path to the balcony area with the Astral Globe and the Mysterious Energy. A large board on the adjacent right wall of the Globe displays a 4-point constellation. Interact with the globe to align the points on the board to match the constellation pattern depicted on the pillar with the Mysterious Energy. (More specifically, interact with the globe and choose the third option.)

After obtaining and inserting all the keys in pillars, the instance is completed and The Wizard's Tower becomes accessible.

Interacting with an arcane chest while holding the Everyone Loves Wizards book may cause the book to despawn permanently, locking the player out of completing the instance.

You can also take on tasks from allies to help them:

Optional Tasks
  • Find 6 Navigational Charts for Zojja
    • In Zojja's room looking to the north after heading west from the eastern stairs
    • In a room to the north after heading east from the southeastern stairs
    • Below a trebuchet in a room opposite the prior chart
    • In a room just west of the southeastern stairs, on a desk
    • In a bookshelf east of the southwestern stairs
    • In a room west of the water bucket, on a table.
  • Open 4 chests with Misplaced artifacts for R'tchikk
    • Down the eastern stairs on a platform above the book "Everyone Loves Wizards" that is used for the Knowledge key
    • Down the southeastern stairs in the room with hay bales and a wooden target dragon
    • Down the southwestern stairs in the room with the water bucket
    • Go through the portal to get to the stairs in question. In a room under the western stairs at the bottom. It is near Lyr's room.
  • Kill the 15 remaining Kryptis in the tower for Frode. These will be marked on the map.


Assist Lyhr Secrets of the Obscure: Act 2 1Achievement points
Assist Lyhr in getting to the Hall of Confluence.Journal: Tower of Secrets Assist Lyhr 1Achievement points
  • Mutually exclusive with Assist Mabon achievement.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Achievement Eligibility: Assist Lyhr effect.
  • During replay: Chapter 6; Continue your story; Follow Lyhr
Assist Mabon Secrets of the Obscure: Act 2 1Achievement points
Assist Mabon in getting to the Hall of Confluence.Journal: Tower of Secrets Completed Assist Mabon. 1Achievement points
  • Mutually exclusive with Assist Lyhr achievement.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Achievement Eligibility: Assist Mabon effect.
  • During replay: Chapter 6; Continue your story; Follow Mabon
Astral Gofer Secrets of the Obscure: Act 2 1Achievement points
Complete the optional tasks for your allies.Journal: Tower of Secrets
Objectives: 3 objectives in total
  • Find astral navigational charts for Zojja.
  • Help R'tchikk locate dangerous artifacts around the tower.
  • Help Frode clear the last of the Kryptis from the Wizard's Tower.
Completed 3 Optional Tasks for Your Allies 1Achievement points
  • While completing Restore the Wizard's Tower, complete the optional tasks from Zojja, R'tchikk, and Frode.
  • See the combined map below.

Tower Snoop Secrets of the Obscure: Act 2 1Achievement points
Find and read all of the confidential literature hidden throughout the Wizard's Tower.Journal: Tower of Secrets
  • Confidential Report #1
  • Confidential Report #2
  • Confidential Report #3
  • Confidential Report #4
  • Confidential Report #5
  • Confidential Report #6
  • Confidential Report #7
  • Dagda's Diary
  • Thoughtfully Written Note
  • Fragment of Lyhr's Journal
  • Missing Fragment of Lyhr's Journal
  • Mabon's Journal: The Mursaat
  • Mabon's Journal: The Market
  • Torn Journal Page #1
  • Torn Journal Page #2
  • Torn Journal Page #3
  • Torn Journal Page #4
  • Torn Journal Page #5
  • Torn Journal Page #6
Read 19 Confidential Literature in the Wizard's Tower 1Achievement points
  • Find and read all books and reports within the Wizard Tower during Restore the Wizard's Tower.
  • A detailed walkthrough is provided on Tower Snoop.
This achievement rewards items. Tower of Secrets Secrets of the Obscure: Act 2 Secrets of the Obscure mastery point 1Achievement points
Help the wizards and the Astral Ward take back their tower.Journal: Tower of Secrets
Reward: Stash of Astral Coins.pngStash of Astral Coins
Completed "Tower of Secrets" 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story mission.








Mabon: We need to make sure the southern wings are clear before we unlock the Hall of Confluence.
Mabon: Zojja, R'tchikk, and Gladium—with me! We'll head east.
Lyhr: We'll head to the west.
Lyhr: Frode, Uenno.
Lyhr: Dagda?
Dagda: (grunt)
Mabon: Go with the group that needs you the most, Commander.

Mabon's group[edit]

Talking to Mabon
Mabon: If you'd like to join me and Zojja, let me know.
Talk quest choice tango.png I'll join you, Mabon
Talk end option tango.png I'm not ready to decide yet.
Mabon: Stay close. Eyes up.
R'tchikk: R'tchikk doesn't like to see the Wizard's Tower in such a state...
Zojja: Me neither.
Mabon: Don't paralyze yourself with fear. We will expel them.
After defeating a couple of groups of enemies
Zojja: I still don't know how this happened. Did they make it inside before the defenses activated?
Mabon: I...don't know.
Mabon: My quarters are sealed to protect the relics inside. It's more for your safety than mine.
R'tchikk: Then we'd better hurry, skritt thinks.
Entering the room with the Champion Avatar of Rage
Mabon: Root them out—we can't let them escape!
Mabon: In the wrong hands, these objects would be...devastating. The book of Me'Dinahs could level Maguuma.
After defeating the demons in the room
R'tchikk: Was...that all of them?
Mabon: I think so...
Gladium: (gestures)
Mabon: I'm...I'm okay, Gladium. Tired from such exciting events.
Mabon: Let us return to the main chamber; hopefully our allies were able to conquer the western wing.

Lyhr's Group[edit]

Talking to Lyhr
Lyhr: How about it, Commander? With us?
Talk quest choice tango.png I'll join you, Lyhr
Talk end option tango.png I'm not ready to decide yet.
Dagda: Lyhr, is your body ready for another fight so soon after rejoining...?
Lyhr: Can't rest knowing our home is overrun by Kryptis, can I?
Lyhr: I'll be fine, Dagda. Haven't felt this good ahead of a fight in a long time.
Dagda: I'll quiet my worry.
After defeating the enemies surrounding Lyhr's room
Lyhr: They could've wrecked any other room!
Frode: I'll organize a search party to recover any stolen artifacts after the siege.
Lyhr: They ate my lotus from Dajkah...
Dagda: We can get you another lotus.
Lyhr: Do you know how long it took me to get into that crypt?
Frode: All for a flower...
Entering the next room
Lyhr: Out with you! Out of my chambers!
Clearing the room
Frode: Happy?
Lyhr: Very.
Dagda: We've little time to celebrate. Let's join the others.

Regrouping with our allies[edit]

Mabon: The east is clear.
Lyhr: As is west.
Dagda: Together, we recite the Unlit Moon.
Lyhr: Without Isgarren?
Dagda: Zojja.
Zojja: Me? I couldn't—
Mabon: You must.
Mabon: Come, we won't let the flow overwhelm you.
During the ritual
Frode: I'm sure whatever terrors that still linger in these halls will come crawling the moment we begin.
Frode: Stand ready. All of you!
Dagda: We sit underneath an unlit moon...
Lyhr: Water pools beneath our feet...
Uenno: No questions. No mistakes. Just flawless execution. Of Kryptis.
Zojja: burns...
Mabon: With Isgarren's strength, we see you!
Lyhr: Cry with me, siblings of nature...
Dagda: Cry for me...and the world I left behind...
Mabon: From the Golden Lake of Janthir...
Dagda: To the thousand bowls of tears in the Hall of Burned Men...
Frode: High Kryptis! We'll need to take care of that thing.
Zojja: (gasp)
Zojja: (anguished cry)
<Character name>: Zojja! Are you okay?
Dagda: You did so well, little one.
Zojja: I saw... What was that?
Mabon: It could have been a thousand things. We tapped into Tyria itself; that burn was the world looking back.
Zojja: That's...a lot to process.
Mabon: Here, let us enter the Hall of Confluence.
A cutscene on entering the hall
Mabon: There's much to... (groan)
Mabon: I don't know how much longer I can resist them. The whispers are...eager.
Mabon: My dear friends. Don't fret.
Mabon: We have survived the Elder Dragons—rogue gods! This world doesn't comprehend how resilient it is.
Mabon: The Kryptis won't be our end. They are vulnerable. Ignorant.
Mabon: I only ask one thing of you. When the hour arrives...
Mabon: Do not hesitate.
After the cutscene
Lyhr: That was a bit cryptic, even for you.
Mabon: I suppose some mursaat habits lasted beyond my ascension.
Mabon: I can hear Isgarren—he's out there, somewhere... Struggling. I need to go to him.
Mabon: We will meet soon.
Lyhr: Be safe, my friend.
Mabon (to Frode): Keep them out of trouble.
Frode: As long as I can hold a sword.
Approaching Dagda
Dagda: We need to repair the astral translocator. We can't power our portal infrastructure without it.
Dagda: Our true home rests in the clouds above... Once our portals can access the flow again, we'll take you to the bastions.
Dagda: There are six Bastion Keys. The Astral Ward was able to hide some of them from the Kryptis, but they're not all accounted for.
Dagda: I need eyes everywhere until we've located them all.
Dagda: Check in with the others. The Hall of Confluence is a mess; we should attend to whatever needs doing before we start.
Speaking to Dagda
Dagda: We're cut off from our home until we can reconnect the tower to our portal network. How go your efforts to repair the astral translocator?
Talk quest option tango.png I could use help finding the keys. Do you have anything that could help?
Dagda: Isgarren has safeguards in place. If the tower is compromised, the keys magically return to safe places in the tower. The locations are mentioned in this book, "Divine Biomes." Would you like it?
Talk quest option tango.png Sure, I could use the help.
Talk end option tango.png Appreciate it, but I'll try to find them on my own.
Talk end option tango.png I'm working on it.
Speaking to Dagda again
Dagda: Wayfinder, I hope that book I lent you has been helpful. Please bring those keys back here soon so we can assess the situation at the bastions.
Talk end option tango.png I'm working on it.
Speaking to Lyhr
Lyhr: Hanging in there?
<Character name>: There's something about being in this place that makes me uneasy.
Lyhr: The Kryptis have that effect, it seems.
<Character name>: Why didn't Isgarren help protect us from the dragons? He was watching this whole time.
Lyhr: Ah.
Lyhr: When was the last time you helped save a local farm from a group of bandits?
Lyhr: Would you save them if, say, the champion of a dragon slept nearby? Would you go kill that instead?
Lyhr: Isgarren is a complicated fellow, and that's not to excuse his poor choices—he's far from perfect.
Lyhr: When he has a goal, he stays focused, and he's had the same one for...a while.
<Character name>: Keeping Eparch away?
Lyhr: Aye. Something happened between the two of them, back in the era of magic. Before the "gods" came.
Lyhr: He's been so focused on keeping the Kryptis out that he often neglected those inside.
Lyhr: We're atoning for that mistake now. We've got Eparch's lapdogs on Tyria's stoop.
<Character name>: I'd save the farm.
Lyhr: And Isgarren would mourn the loss. You are similar in some ways, but very different in others.
Speaking to Zojja
Zojja: The Kryptis completely destroyed my workstation... What a mess...
Zojja: (deep breath)
Zojja: If you see any books or pages while you're looking around, can you bring them back to me?
Zojja: Navigational charts, mostly, but also some personal stuff...
Zojja: So no reading, okay?
Talking to Zojja again
Zojja: Thank you again for offering to help... That ritual... It took more of my energy than I thought. Did you find any of those charts I need?
Talk end option tango.png I'll keep my eyes peeled for them.
Speaking to R'tchikk
<Character name>: Do you need any help, R'tchikk?
R'tchikk: O-oh my, if the commander is offering...
R'tchikk: R'tchikk needs to collect all of the misplaced artifacts. Could you come with skritt to find them?
<Character name>: Anything you need.
Speaking to Frode
Frode: Still got Kryptis crawling out of every cupboard. They're drawn to whatever pot of magic they can find.
Frode: And we happen to be drowning in magical conduits.
Frode: I've asked the wizards time and time again to keep our more powerful objects in a safer location...
Frode: If you see any more, get rid of 'em.
Speaking to Livia
<Character name>: Livia, is that you?
Livia: Oh, you. They'll let just about anyone in here, won't they?
<Character name>: You're in the Astral Ward? What happened to the Shining Blade?
Livia: I'm an honorary member. Didn't quite take to "Wayfinder" myself when Isgarren bestowed it on me. I am always a Blade.
Livia: We worked together, over the years. Mabon and I. He loves Divinity's Reach. Especially fond of the food.
Livia: Before you ask—I have eyes. I know that Mabon is a mursaat. It was not an...easy bond to make. We can chat more of that later.
(if human)
<Character name>: I miss the Salma District... It's nice to see another...friendly face up here.
(if other race)
<Character name>: I think Divinity's Reach is a little...stuffy for my taste. But fair. It's nice to see another...friendly face up here.
Livia: Wish I wasn't. I don't like being off the ground too long. But things are especially sinister.
Livia: The bastions, as you'll soon learn, are struggling to keep the Kryptis at bay.
Livia: Something is stirring in the clouds. I can feel it, gently brushing my skin...
Livia: Dagda and Lyhr will be aiding us on the front. I wouldn't mind seeing your face in that crowd, either.
Talking to Livia again
Livia: Not bad scenery up here. You'll get used to the draft... Though I should've packed an extra shawl.
Talk more option tango.png So, what happened in Orr...
Livia: If you're asking whether or not I knew about Mabon...I did. But his existence did not change my path against Lazarus. In many ways, he was the last of those...monsters. Mabon was not one of them.
Talk more option tango.png How long have you known Mabon, then?
Livia: A while. Isgarren helped me retrieve the scepter from a group of bandits a hundred years back. Neither of us wanted it in the wrong hands... They hid Mabon's identity until they could trust me.
Talk more option tango.png So you knew, even at the reliquary?
Livia: Yes, I did. I...think back to that first interaction often, and I'm grateful he forgave me for things that were said...knives that were thrown. We both had to adjust to the situation.
Talk more option tango.png Didn't go too well?
Livia: No, but I eventually listened. not like the others. He was just as afraid when Lazarus turned up alive. They knew of each other, back when the little war between the seers and mursaat started.
Talk more option tango.png They...knew each other?
Livia: Not my story to tell, but yes. The tale even predates myself by a few thousand years. Mabon learned from his mistakes, but there's a lot about Tyria we don't know. I wish we knew more about the mursaat.
Talk more option tango.png That's ominous, even for you.
Livia: I don't think we have anything to worry about—find solace in that. Lazarus is dead. The White Mantle are few and far between. If any more live... Well, they've no interest in Tyrian games.
Talk end option tango.png I have a lot to think about.
On clearing out all the Kryptis Stragglers
Frode: Smells better in here already. Good work, Wayfinder.
Frode Salutes <Character Name>
Picking up the last Bastion key
Peitha: Eparch. Listen to me.
Peitha: If you keep pushing, they will shove you out. They're gaining strength by the minute.
<Character name>: Peitha?
Peitha: They've already reclaimed the Wizard of the Celestial.
Eparch: Your concern is touching, Peitha.
Eparch: There are still worms in the dirt beneath their feet. Be patient. We're not in a rush..
Peitha: Hopefully they aren't prepared when the time comes.
Returning with all 6 Bastion keys
<Character name>: Aurene, if you could see this place...
Peitha: Aurene? Is that the prismatic dragon, or whatever your people call her?
<Character name>: How did you...? Yes, she is. One of my dearest companions.
Peitha: She is not dead, and yet you mourn?
<Character name>: She's sleeping. And we're not sure when she's going to wake up. It could be a thousand years.
Peitha: That makes you sad. Not knowing.
<Character name>: Sad in that I don't know when our next meeting will be, but I don't think that was it. I'll see her again. I know it.
Interacting with the Astral Translocator once all Bastion keys are placed
Dagda: Good work, Commander. I appreciate your...efficiency.
Zojja: See?
Dagda: (grumble)
Lyhr: With the astral translocator back up and running, we're ready to move.
Dagda: I don't know what awaits us among the bastions, but... We must move forward, Mabon or no.
Lyhr: With the wayfinder on our side, it'll be a fun fight.
<Character name>: Who's the wayfinder?
Lyhr: (laughs) You.
Dagda: You have proven...loyal enough. For now.
<Character name>: I'm honored. You barely know me.
Dagda: And you've still time to disappoint us.
Lyhr: Dagda.
Dagda: Let us finish our preparations. We will retake the bastions and push for the spire.

My story[edit]

Tower of Secrets loading screen.png

The Wizard's Tower is unlike anywhere I've traveled to within the bounds of Tyria—it looked much smaller from below. To think this place floated just above the coast of Garenhoff all this time—silently watching us wage war against the Elder Dragons... I still wonder why they didn't intervene, but that's a question for Isgarren when all of this is said and done.

Just as "Bad Lyhr" managed to squeeze his way through the tower's defense mechanisms, so did the Kryptis. Mabon and Zojja took a small group to clear one wing, while Lyhr and Dagda led another. We regrouped outside the Hall of Confluence—the heart of the Wizard's Tower—once the inner perimeter was secure. With the apex of the tower's magic functioning once again, we'll be able to travel to Amnytas and support the Astral Ward on the front line.

Mabon led the wizards in an archaic ritual to gain access to the Hall of Confluence, reciting an enchantment called the Unlit Moon. Lacking Isgarren's presence, they asked Zojja to step up and assist them in the ritual. She seemed hesitant at first, but Dagda and Mabon both encouraged her to step forward. I've never seen her out of her element or so unsure of herself; I'm used to the hypercompetent and defiantly confident golemancer of legend. This is an entirely new side. The more I witness her operate in this strange Astral Ward, the more I realize how much she's grown. She has a completely new life here; a home. I'm starting to understand how much the Astral Ward means to her—and how much she means to them.

As soon as they began to unseal the chamber and breathe life back into the tower, Kryptis emerged like a swarm. We fended them off as Zojja and the wizards channeled the spell. Toward the end Zojja gasped in pain against the swell of magic, but after the Kryptis were cleared, it was done. The tower unfurled itself and let us inside the innermost chamber.
Mabon turned to us in a moment of vulnerability, indicating that his ability to resist them was dwindling. I've been fighting off Peitha's voice inside my head since I got here, but I haven't been attacked in the same way as Dagda—or Mabon.

He looked to us and took on a foreboding tone, which seemed unlike the calculated mursaat I've gotten to know since aiding the Astral Ward. "When the time comes, do not hesitate." Even Lyhr remarked on the nature of his cryptic message. Before departing to Amnytas in search of Isgarren, Mabon made Frode promise that he'd watch over everyone in the meantime.


With Mabon headed to Amnytas and the tower secure, the Astral Ward flooded the halls and tended to restorations. I aided in various tasks, but most importantly I helped Dagda locate the bastion keys that would restabilize the tower's portal system and regain direct access to Amnytas. Even Peitha was impressed, expressing curiosity and mild surprise over Eparch's fascination with Isgarren's tower. I get the feeling there's some history between those two. Similarly, I shuddered to imagine what Aurene would think of this place, what with its grand pillars and celestial portals. Peitha asked of our bond as scion and champion, sensing the lingering emptiness in my gut evoked simply by mentioning her name. She was incredibly curious to learn of our relationship, and I might've detected a hint of jealousy in her tone.

I wonder if Aurene even knows what's up here. She must have some idea in serving as the filter for the entire magical ecosystem of the planet. Just as Soo-Won likely did before her. As the wizards supposedly connect to the ecosystem to siphon their magnitude of power. I like to think she'll meet the wizards one day, as part of her everlasting responsibility to protect Tyria. And with the threat of the Kryptis out of the way in the future, hopefully they could work together toward that goal.

Once preparations were complete and the bastion keys were securely in Dagda's possession, portal transport to Amnytas was regained. Before I departed, Lyhr thanked me for all I've done to support them in their fight against the Kryptis, granting me a new title under the umbrella of the Astral Ward: Wayfinder. He says that it's bestowed upon individuals who have aided Isgarren and the Wizard's Court throughout time—an honorary title, so to say. It's been a while since I was a commander of anything, so Wayfinder feels like an apt title, at least while I'm here and helping the ward. Whatever happens to the world after all this—the dragons, now the Kryptis—Tyria needs people like me to hold the torch and light the march forward.

But, back to the war at hand: I'm headed to Amnytas next. It's time to witness the bloody front lines with my own eyes. Isgarren is still missing, and after hearing Mabon's somber message, I have a feeling the worst is yet to come.

And hey, Dagda didn't toss me from a window after the title bestowal. I guess she doesn't think I'm a bloodthirsty dragon killer anymore.

My story