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Into the Obscure

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Into the Obscure

1336 AE
Secrets of the Obscure
Into the Obscure
(Horn of Maguuma)
Preceded by
Mabon's Fate
Followed by
The World Spire

Into the Obscure is the eighth chapter of the Secrets of the Obscure story.


Regroup with your allies to determine next steps.
  • Return to the Wizard's Tower.
  • Speak with your allies.
Check on Zojja's state of mind.
  • Enter Mabon's quarters to speak with Zojja.
  • Check on Zojja.
Safeguard Amnytas before the final assault on the World Spire.
  • Return to Amnytas.
  • Speak with Rian.
  • Speak with Kamilla.
  • Take the motivation from Kamilla.
  • Use the motivation to enhance the Heart to locate a higher-tier target.
  • Scan for rifts while the Heart is enhanced.
  • Complete a tier 1, 2, or 3 hunt in Amnytas.
Help the Rift Hunters push back kryptis incursions.
  • Help the Astral Ward by completing events in Amnytas or closing rifts throughout Tyria.
  • Event bar empty green.jpg
  • Listen to Zizel's call.
Investigate the strange circumstances at the Bastion of the Obscure.
  • Meet your allies at the Bastion of the Obscure.
  • Explore the halls of the bastion.
  • Follow Gladium as she tracks the mystery "something."
  • Investigate the strewn debris and rubble.
  • Kryptis Remaining
  • Event bar green.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Investigate the artifact housing.
  • Pick up the artifact.
  • Relive the memory of Mabon and Isgarren.
  • Kryptis Remaining
  • Event bar empty green.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Regroup with your companions.
  • Complete!



In The Wizard's Tower, first head to The Wizard's Court at the top of the tower and speak with the gathered wizards, then head down a floor and to the right to find Zojja in a room and talk to her.

Find Rian and Kamilla in Bastion of the Natural and get an Uncommon Kryptis Motivation. Use it and then use the Heart of the Obscure to find a tier 2 Kryptis rift (be aware that the final Kryptis will be a champion and as such you will most likely require assistance to kill it). Finally, seal 2 more Kryptis rifts (it may be necessary to complete 3 rifts if the tier 2 rift doesn't succeed).

At The Riftworks R'tchikk and Gladium will be waiting for you. After entering the heavily darkness-obscured hall, head right, then left and then left again before walking to the end of the corridor to find the dead body of a Kryptis. The exit will now be visible behind you and to the side, though there is a Kryptis ambush waiting outside. Grab the artifact Gladium points out and use it outside to see a conversation between Mabon and Isgarren and then defeat a second Kryptis ambush to finish the mission.


This achievement rewards items. Into the Obscure Secrets of the Obscure: Act 3 Secrets of the Obscure mastery point 1Achievement points
Explore Amnytas and continue helping the Rift Hunters secure the bastions.Journal: Into the Obscure
Reward: Stash of Astral Coins.pngStash of Astral Coins
Completed "Into the Obscure" 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story mission.
Securing the Bastions Secrets of the Obscure: Act 3 3Achievement points
Help the Astral Ward by completing events at each of the six bastions across Amnytas.Journal: Into the Obscure Helped the Astral Ward at One of the Bastions 3Achievement points
  • Simply complete 1 event at each of the 6 bastions: Bastion of the Celestial, Bastion of Balance, Bastion of Strength, Bastion of the Obscure, Bastion of the Natural, and Bastion of Knowledge.
  • This does not have to accomplished during the story chapter itself. It can be completed after, as long as the effect Achievement effect.png Achievement Eligibility: Securing the Bastions remains.
Tracking with Gladium Secrets of the Obscure: Act 3 1Achievement points
Help Gladium search the halls in the Bastion of the Obscure.Journal: Into the Obscure Helped Gladium Search the Halls in the Bastion of the Obscure 1Achievement points
Tracking with Gladium.png
  • The first object is the corpse of a Brown Cow, found by heading to the right when entering the dark area in the Bastion of the Obscure until the corridor ends. The second object is a collection of rats found from the cow by turning around, taking a right and then turning right again. Finally, the third step will be earned on the way to the next story step by simply turning around from the rats and walking straight ahead to a collection of bodies in the middle of a corridor.
Going the Extra Mile Secrets of the Obscure: Act 3 1Achievement points
Complete a tier 3 hunt in Amnytas instead of a tier 2 hunt.Journal: Into the Obscure Completed a Tier 3 Hunt in Amnytas Instead of a Tier 2 Hunt 1Achievement points
  • Players will first have to activate the Uncommon Kryptis Motivation they get from Kamilla and use the Scan For Rift action while the Tracking Tier 2 Rift buff is active.
  • Instead of doing a Tier 2 Rift Hunt when "Complete a tier 2 hunt in Amnytas" is the active story step, complete a Tier 3 Rift Hunt.



Ambient creatures
  • Sunspear Ghost (appears after kneeling in front of the coffin in the north corridor at the entrance




At the Wizard's Court
Frode: Wayfinder.
<Character name>: I'm... I'm so sorry about Mabon.
Frode: He was kinder than we deserved.
Frode: If we didn't have the Kryptis at our door, I'd light a fire in our hearth. We'd sing. Drink in his name.
Frode: But, instead we fight. The Astral Ward is holding the front line at the Bastion of Strength.
Galrath the Undying: When Mabon made his final journey, the Kryptis fell back. Got that going for us, at least.
Frode: Eh. The bastion is presently secure, but when the next push begins...
Zizel: The air is different. They're plotting something.
Frode: Then we'd better be at full strength when that happens.
Galrath the Undying: We haven't seen Isgarren since the Bastion of the Celestial was overrun.
Frode: I assume he's near the spire, if not inside. What he's up to... Could be good or bad.
Frode: Wayfinder, I need you out on the bastions. We could use a victory today.
<Character name>: I'll make sure the Kryptis feel our pain firsthand.
<Character name>: Where's Zojja?
Frode: In the barracks, I think. Seems to be taking this the hardest.

Wizard's Tower instance[edit]

Listening to Zojja in Mabon's Quarters
Zojja: Get it together, Zojja... Get it together.
Zojja: I'm one of the most awarded scholars in the colleges! I killed an Elder Dragon!
Zojja: And who wouldn't want to be a wizard? Right?
Zojja: I'm done. Nobody cares... Sorry to disappoint, Snaff. Mabon...
Zojja: I'm going to be on "wizard probation" for two days before the decide to kick me to Rata Sum's retirement facility.
Approaching Zojja in Mabon's Quarters
<Character name>: Not that I entirely understand this whole "wizard" thing, but I think you'd be a great one.
Zojja: Did you hear all that?
<Character name>: I can pretend I didn't.
Zojja: (deep sigh)
Zojja: I'd be able to let go of all this... grief. Mabon, Maguuma... But I'd leave almost everything of merit I've ever achieved.
Zojja: But c'mon! Make a life-changing decision just after Mabon died? If it came from anyone but Dagda, it'd be emotional warfare.
Zojja: I used to be so mad at everyone. You have no idea.
<Character name>: At me?
Zojja: At the world. You didn't do anything. But...
Zojja: When I left Rata Sum, all I wanted was for you or Logan or Taimi to come looking for me.
Zojja: But... I didn't want to be found. You guys were off saving the world, and I just wasn't ready for that again.
If asura:
<Character name>: I figured you were buried in research and wanted to be left alone...after Mordremoth. I should have come.
<Character name>: I figured you would have called if you needed us. I'm so sorry, Zojja. We would have come. I know I would've.
Zojja: I know, I do. And I could have just have easily asked. I just wanted to feel...wanted, you know? I was embarrassed to ask.
Zojja: You can't know what I need unless I tell you.
<Character name>: What do you want to do?
Zojja: I feel selfish for even humoring the idea.
<Character name>: You're happy here.
Zojja: Rata Sum hasn't felt like home in years. Another researcher past her prime. They stopped asking me to speak at the colleges...
Zojja: But here? They know me. Even without Mabon... This feels like home. Especially with you here.
<Character name>: Then I'll support whatever you decide.
Zojja: Yeah?
Zojja: How is Taimi doing, anyway? Behaving?
<Character name>: Absolutely not, but she's as bright as ever. And dating, if you can believe it.
Zojja: Alchemy. Nothing stops the march of time, does it?
<Character name>: I'll leave you to it. Frode needs me to... you know what? It's not important. Good luck, Zojja. I'm here, no matter what.
On leaving the instance



About Zojja


I do not mean to bother you, but... When you are able, please check in on Zojja. Im worried that Mabon's... Can you just make sure she'll be okay? You know her better than any of us. I do not want to scare her away.


In Amnytas[edit]

On entering Amnytas
Frode: Wayfinder, Rian asked for you to check in with him once you've spoken to Zojia.
<Character name>: We talked. She's...
Frode: Got a lot to think about. We'll let her grieve...and reflect.
Frode: In the meantime, while you're assisting Rian, the rest of the Astral Ward could use your help clearing the bastions.
Zizel: And help raise morale. Many will be devastated when they hear the news.
Zizel: Give them hope.
Peitha: I can...hear them.
<Character name>: Who?
Peitha: Isgarren, and...
Peitha: Do not let your focus slip. The ends are threading together.
Talking to First Hunter Rian
First Hunter Rian: I've heard of your feats since we last spoke, Wayfinder.
First Hunter Rian: A title for the ages, I think. And well deserved.
First Hunter Rian: As we approach the World Spire, the Kryptis grow more and more ravenous...but calculated. The bastions need you.
Second Hunter Kamilla: Aren't you just seeping with adoration.
First Hunter Rian: Ah, I've yet to introduce you to Kamilla—my smile.
Second Hunter Kamilla: It's a pleasure, Wayfinder. Congratulations.
<Character name>: Hands full?
Second Hunter Kamilla: Very, but not without reward. Think I've discovered a way to help the Heart home in on our unwanted visitors.
Second Hunter Kamilla: When Rian mentioned he was meeting with you again, I asked to join. I could use someone in the field for more hands-on research...
First Hunter Rian: Well, the wayfinder has been instrumental in aiding our hunters and the Astral Ward....
<Character name>: Anything to give us the upper hand.
Second Hunter Kamilla: Let's talk, then. This could be mutually beneficial.
Talking to Second Hunter Kamilla
Second Hunter Kamilla: When I first handled the device, I felt a yearning in it. It had curiosity for me, perhaps. As I, it.
Second Hunter Kamilla: I followed this "pull" and melded a spell—a charm, of sorts, that would strengthen the connection between wielder and the Heart.
Second Hunter Kamilla: I've taken to calling them "motivations." They should enable the Heart to attune to even stronger emotions, hidden within you.
Second Hunter Kamilla: I've got one for you here.
Talking to Second Hunter Kamilla again
(UI hint appears for the inventory)
Tier 2 Rift Hunts
You've received a motivation in your inventory. Use the motivation to enhance the Heart of the Obscure to track higher tier targets using the Scan for Rift ability.
Using the motivation from the inventory
You have begun tracking tier 2 rifts.
(UI hint appears for the Tier 2 Rift Hunt Tracking effect)
Heart of the Obscure Enhanced
You've applied the motivation ot the Heart of the Obscure. This motivation will enhance the Heart's Scan for Rift ability to locate more dangerous targets and lead you to them.
Using the Scan for Rift ability
<Character name>: I can't... There it is. A rush of cold air... turning to...warmth? Joy, and then anxiety...
Second Hunter Kamilla: It's working. Follow where it guides you.
After completing a tier 2 rift hunting event
Second Hunter Kamilla: So?
<Character name>: That was overwhelming, but also...
Second Hunter Kamilla: Exhilarating? The Heart is a peculiar device, but I thank whatever spirit you bend to that you've got it in your pocket.
Second Hunter Kamilla: If you ever want more, come see me; I've crafted some even more potent than what I gave you.
Second Hunter Kamilla: Hunt swiftly and with empathy.
After filling the progress bar
Zizel: Hello, Wayfinder...?
Zizel: While we search for Isgarren, I have a...hunch that I'd like you to follow.
Zizel: The Bastion of the Obscure. I can hear...whispers. Not Kryptis. Not Isgarren. A pull...?
Zizel: I don't think it's malevolent, but...I think it's looking for you.

Into the Obscure: Bastion of the Obscure instance[edit]

Talking to R'tchikk
R'tchikk: Wayfinder! Zizel called on R'tchikk and Glade to assist you in the Bastion of the Obscure.
<Character name>: I'm not sure what we're even looking for.
Gladium: (gestures)
R'tchikk: Oh? What does Glade mean by that?
Gladium: (gestures)
R'tchikk: Glade can sense something. She's not sure what, but...
Gladium: (gestures)
R'tchikk: She thinks it's Mabon. I don't know what it is, but I trust her. Always.
<Character name>: Let's see what we can find.
Entering the halls
R'tchikk: Skritt is saddened to see these halls empty. No Astral Ward, only the smells of fighting and fear.
Exploring the halls
R'tchikk: Glade's found something!
R'tchikk: Quickly, quickly!
Investigating the debris
R'tchikk: Oh, tragedy... Skritt hates to see so many good friends lost. Hates it.
<Character name>: It never gets easier, I know.
R'tchikk: R'tchikk doesn't smell anything besides death, Glade. Let's continue the search.
Leaving the hall
Gladium: (gestures)
<Character name>: Kryptis?
R'tchikk: (gasp) Is the commander learning to read Gladium's gestures?
<Character name>: Or the Kryptis's "tactics," but Glade is a good leader.
After clearing the Kryptis
R'tchikk: Skritt recognizes this! It's one of the housings that Mabon used for his most valued artifacts.
<Character name>: But no artifact. Do you think the Kryptis got to it?
Gladium: (gestures)
R'tchikk: No, this way! Glade says it's nearby.
Finding the artifact
Gladium: (gestures)
R'tchikk: She wants you to pick it up, Wayfinder. It wants you.
Examine the artifact
(The visions of Isgarren and Mabon appear)
Isgarren: (snarls) Why have you stopped fighting back?
Mabon: It's not worth it. Killing you.
Isgarren: A mursaat without bloodlust? How humble you are.
Mabon: I'm honest. I don't blame you for hating me. I don't blame your fear.
Mabon: My kind has killed for less. as ashamed.
Isgarren: I...
R'tchikk: Wayfinder! Skritt needs you to open your eyes!
After clearing the Kryptis
R'tchikk: Are you okay? Commander?
<Character name>: I'm fine, but I heard...Mabon. Isgarren was...
<Character name>: I don't know what it means... They were fighting.
Gladium: (gestures)
R'tchikk: Who was fighting?
<Character name>: Mabon and Isgarren. Mabon sounded different? Maybe he hadn't ascended yet; I'm not sure.
R'tchikk: R'tchikk has heard of stranger things in the Bastion of the Obscure.
R'tchikk: Glade and skritt will return to Zizel, let him know what we discovered.
<Character name>: All right. I'm going to rest for a moment.
After completing the instance
Peitha: I've only heard Isgarren's voice once before, when I was very little...
Peitha: Curious to see what a pinch of Kryptis possession has done to his mind.
<Character name>: I don't think I'm looking forward to it.
Peitha: Watching you fumble your way through things is exciting, but...
Peitha: I should at least prepare the meat for slaughter.
<Character name>: Not worried, are you?
Peitha: Only for myself. I'd be missing out on the feast of the decade, should my brother put you down.
<Character name>:
Peitha: Cerus never knew how to play nicely. I worry that all he'll leave behind are blood and scraps of your flesh.
<Character name>: Seems like a detail you could have shared sooner.
Peitha: What difference would that have made, other than to elicit a little more fear...?
Peitha: Cerus is no Eparch, but he's terrifying in his own, special way.
Peitha: He's circled you this whole time. Watching. Waiting. As soon as his task is complete, you'll be next.
<Character name>: And what is that task?
Peitha: You're on the right path, don't fret.

My story[edit]

The Wizard's Tower loading screen.png

We've got one wizard left to find: Isgarren, a being of fable. Even I'd heard the rumors. The hamlet of Garenhoff worshipped him, without even realizing who or what he was. But, as I now know, everything that the people of that small town imagined of him and his tower were convenient illusions. Isgarren isn't some fatherly wizard that protects their special little town. His concerns are global. And he's...complicated. I've yet to meet him for myself, but I have a lot of questions ready for when I finally do.

I regrouped with the Astral Ward, and the mood was still solemn following Mabon's death. Frode is encouraging us to push onward, despite everyone's desperate need to mourn. I'm especially worried about Zojja. Though I only caught a glimpse into her life up here, I can tell that Mabon was a big part of it.

I didn't know him well, so the best thing I can do to honor his memory is trudge forward. But before we embark, I need to check on my friend.


I approached Zojja during a vulnerable moment. Years of persistent fighting and tragic loss all surfaced in a moment laid bare under the false illusion of privacy. Everything is in the open now—from Zojja's early days in Destiny's Edge through her time recovering in Rata Sum, to the present. All laid out. We've...never spoken like that. Not even before her injury at Maguuma.

She'd endured trauma and no longer had stature among the asura. She was sidelined—a scientist past her prime only mentioned in passing during history lectures. I'd occasionally thought of her all these years, and I would've jumped at the opportunity to see her. I just...lost track of time. Dealt with larger problems. I simply didn't know what she needed...or wanted. None of us did. After the blighting pod, Zojja needed to isolate herself. She hid from Logan. From all of us. She wasn't ready to talk. Not until now. Healing takes time.

The Astral Ward is her home now; I know this. Neglect didn't drive her to them, but a search for a new beginning. She needed to find a new path with new people who didn't just see her for her past accolades or Destiny's Edge. People who could see her for who she is and what she offered. Mabon saw the spark in her, but his death threatened to extinguish it.

But the wizards see her potential. Mabon wasn't alone in those thoughts. And now she has a big decision to make.

Dagda offered her a place on the Wizard's Court. The group clearly wants her to stay. But...that choice comes with heavy consequences. When someone "ascends" to become a wizard, they lose memories from their past lives—not necessarily in their entirety, but you forget places, events, and people you were once close to. I can tell Zojja wants to do this, but I can also see that she might not be ready to leave her old life behind. She asked about Taimi, who, of all our companions, would have some pretty strong feelings about all this.

When we had no choice but to kill Ceri, she called her—and by extension the Astral Ward—"found family." These people helped her to truly heal from her physical and mental injuries in ways that her contemporaries didn't. That her friends couldn't. The ward gave her an escape from the political trappings and dwindling cachet in Rata Sum. Zojja needed to leave the events of Maguuma behind, and the Astral Ward was the best thing she could've found.

I told her that I'd support her no matter what and that I'll trust whatever decision she makes. Whoever she becomes after this, I will still call her my friend.

I left Zojja to her thoughts. When I exited the barracks, I ran into Dagda lingering nearby. She dropped her hostile tone and instead treated me as someone concerned for a mutual friend. We both felt a little helpless in our attempts to comfort Zojja. I attempted to reassure her, emphasizing the weight of the decision she'd placed on our friend. It was the kindest interaction we've had yet. And I hope not the last.


The search for Isgarren is on, and shadows continue to stir in the sky. I headed to Amnytas, where Rian introduced me to his wife, Kamilla, another Rift Hunter. She's been working alongside the ward to uncover unique enchantments to the Heart of the Obscure. After working with her to test the device by using distilled, potent emotions to lure powerful Kryptis, I continued supporting the ward in their fight to protect the bastions from the Kryptis.

After I helped push back against the Kryptis, Zizel contacted me. A strange inkling drew his attention to the Bastion of the Obscure, but he couldn't determine what called him in that direction. He asked if I would investigate. The mysterious origin of this pull perplexed him—he couldn't tell if it originated from a Kryptis or Isgarren—but that's where I'm headed next.


After I helped push back against the Kryptis, Zizel contacted me. A strange inkling drew his attention to the Bastion of the Obscure, but he couldn't determine what called him in that direction. He asked if I would investigate. The mysterious origin of this pull perplexed him—he couldn't tell if it originated from a Kryptis or Isgarren—but that's where I'm headed next.


When I arrived at the Bastion of the Obscure, I found R'tchikk and Gladium waiting for me outside. Zizel had asked them to guide me through. Akin to the hunch that guided us here, Glade sensed a strange presence inside but couldn't identify what exactly awaited us.

It was...Mabon. More accurately, his essence. Even though he was dead, I couldn't write off the possibility that deeper magic was at play in this place. We made our way inside, curious and anxious to face what lured us here.

The bastion was silent. R'tchikk mourned the once-bustling pathways as we crossed into the main hall, now filled with a stifling gloom that clung to the air and filled our lungs. Glade guided us forward, picking up on some trail the rest of us could not detect. We fought scores of Kryptis while searching through debris, until we eventually found a...peculiar artifact. I picked it up and experienced a vision... Or a memory, perhaps?

I recognized Mabon's voice immediately. It was gravelly and strained as if after a drawn-out fight. A second figure hovered over him. Isgarren. His name flooded through my mind as I viewed him for the first time. He had Mabon, who was ready to concede, pinned to the ground. Isgarren taunted him and called his mursaat nature into question, asking why he didn't fight back. But Mabon didn't flinch. He was ready to die by Isgarren's hands.

R'tchikk and Glade called me back to reality before I could see the outcome, as Kryptis cut the moment short. After clearing the area, my companions asked what I saw when I picked up the artifact. I recounted what I was able—that Isgarren and Mabon had once been enemies, and inferred that whenever the memory was, it was likely before Mabon's ascension. He sounded harder. Life had not been kind to him up until that point.

R'tchikk didn't seem too surprised, being someone surrounded by archaic magic daily. She departed with Glade to report what we found to Zizel. I hesitated for a moment, absorbing what I'd just witnessed. Even Peitha noted the rising tensions in the air—Isgarren's aura grows stronger as we near the war's apex. As we spoke, a curtness laced her voice. She seemed worried. In the same breath she delivered a second revelation: Cerus, that hulking beast that pursued me in Nayos, is her brother. I wanted to draw my weapon and strike her down but knew how little that would accomplish against my...inquisitive passenger. Cerus has circled me, she claimed, and has been hunting me this whole time. Waiting to pounce.

The time to find Isgarren and confront Cerus draws near. Once I regroup with my friends in Amnytas, we'll draw our next plan.

My story