I Smell a Rat

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Biography VAL-A Golem.png

I Smell a Rat

1325 AE
Personal story
Interested Parties
Venlin Vale
(Brisban Wildlands)
Skrittsburgh Tunnels
(Brisban Wildlands)
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura
VAL-A Golem
Preceded by
Biography VAL-A Golem.png Short Fuse
Followed by
Biography VAL-A Golem.png Magnum Opus

I Smell a Rat is the third part of the personal story storyline Interested Parties for asura characters who chose the VAL-A Golem as their first invention. This story is selected if the player suspects it was Keppa's modifications to the player's original VAL-A blueprints that caused the golem to run amok.


Apprehend Keppa in Skrittsburgh.

  • Head to Venlin Vale.
  • Apprehend Keppa.
  • Fend off the Skritt.
  • Negotiate with the Skritt.


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All professions


Travel to Skrittsburgh to confront Keppa. Follow her as she shows you her workforce, and when the skritt turn against her you must help defend Keppa. The easiest method is to take control of the nearby Asura Lightning Turret and fire off discharges (abilities 2-4) as the skritt attack from the three different paths. After half a dozen waves or so are defeated, follow Keppa once more until she begins speaking with a skritt scavenger and then Zojja.






Siege weapons


Upon entering the story:

Zojja: Keppa's just down the road! Let's go!.

Talk with Zojja before talking to Keppa:

Zojja: Go to the mouth of the cave. I bet we'll find Keppa there.
Talk end option tango.png On my way.

Approaching Keppa:

Keppa: Plenty of goodies down by the river. Fetch 'em for me quick, and there'll be double the shinies!
Skritt Scavenger: Yes yes yes! Shinies! Noisemakers! We go. We go now!
Keppa: Want to see something amazing? Follow me.

Following Keppa into the cave:

Keppa: My, there are even more of you! Good, good. Here for work?
Skritt Scavenger: Work? No! Things to trade! For rewards! Shiny noisemakers, yes! Yes?
Keppa: Rewards, yes. Here, I've a nice button for you. Call it a down payment.
Skritt Scavenger: Shiny button, yes yes! Good start! More to come, right? We go, bring things back!

Cinematic with Keppa:

<Character name>: Come clean, Keppa. You put that passel of pint-sized killer golems in play without knowing how dangerous they were.
Keppa: Killer? No, no. My market niche is lab assistants. I'm using skritt at the moment. They work cheap, but their utility has proven...limited.
Keppa: My mini-golems are going to make me rich. They fetch, haul, carry, and fight...everything a genius needs from her krewe!
Keppa: I can prove it, too. Let me just-oh, dear. Here come my skritt, clamoring for attention. Don't worry. This happens every so often.
Zojja: They sound angry.
Keppa: They always SOUND angry. But once I toss out a handful of shiny buttons, they'll love me again. Observe.

After skritt arrive:

Keppa: Why, there's so many of you now! Wonderful. Bring more things, get more shinies!
Skritt Scavenger: No more buttons. Real work, real treasure. Shiny tools, noisy machines! Pay us.
Keppa: But...my financial model is based on paying you in trinkets! Can't we renegotiate?
Skritt Scavenger: Negotiate? Yes. Give us things that make our lives easier, or we end yours!
Keppa: Golems, do your stuff. Stop these mutinous skritt!
Zojja: There's too many! Get on the turret and drive them off!

Speaking with Zojja before the skritt rebel:

Zojja: Doesn't Keppa realize that the more skritt she has, the more danger she's in?
Talk end option tango.png I don't think she's figured that part out.

Upon defeating the last wave of skritt:

Keppa: It's a full-on rebellion! Follow me. If I don't mollify these skritt, we're all in trouble.

Speaking with Zojja:

Zojja: Is that the skritt leader? Oh, this should be interesting.
Talk end option tango.png I'm not holding my breath.

After following Keppa:

Keppa: Please, I meant no offense. I thought we had an equitable arrangement!
Skritt Scavenger: No more buttons. Real work, real treasure. Shinies, noisemakers. We get, or we go!
Keppa: Wait, what-oh, never mind. I really need to build myself a less volatile work force.

Cinematic after skritt leave:

Zojja: You need to update your files, Keppa. Skritt aren't simple-minded: they communicate with each other much more efficiently than they can with us.
Zojja: A dozen skritt is a dozen minds focusing on the same problem. Gather twenty skritt, or a hundred, and their collective mental acuity rivals ours.
Keppa: That explains lot, actually. So all I need to do is keep their numbers below a certain threshold.
<Character name>: No, you need to stop exploiting them, or it'll come back to bite you on the backside like it did today.
<Character name>: I think we're done here, Zojja. Keppa's golems haven't run wild or tried to kill anyone. Is Mink the one we wanted all along?
Zojja: Mink isn't any craftier than Keppa here. That leaves Councillor Haia...who is, in fact, sharp enough to cover her tracks.
Zojja: I've got a new theory. Meet me back at my lab, and we'll test it.

After cinematic:

Skritt Scavenger: I don't know how to get down from here.

Speaking with Zojja before she runs off:

Zojja: Meet me back at my lab, <Character name>. We'll find a way to prove Haia's behind all this.
Talk end option tango.png See you there.

Talking to Keppa:

Keppa: What do you mean skritt get smarter if there's more of 'em? I thought they were just well-motivated!
Ferocity What kind of asura doesn't know about skritt? Didn't you take Ratology in College?
It was an elective! Anyway, I learned my lesson. Now I need to design a scavenger-bot—but at least I won't have to pay it.
Talk end option tango.png Ah, the time-honored way of the golemancer.
Charisma We all make mistakes. Just be glad we showed up in time to save your cute, little ears from becoming rat-food.
Aw, do you really think they're cute? Thanks Savant. I'll have to pay you back some day.
Talk end option tango.png I'll take you up on that.
Dignity I can understand how you got swept up in the moment. Just try to be more responsible.
That's absolutely what happened. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find somewhere else to be.
Talk end option tango.png Good idea.
Talk end option tango.png You can't teach those who won't learn.

My story[edit]

I Smell a Rat.jpg

I located Keppa, but her golems aren't the ones putting blame on me for their mayhem. Did I err in my analysis of those modified golem blueprints?

My story