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The Judge

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You will reach your rightful place in time. First, you must recover your name to know who you were and how you lived. Then you must learn your purpose, to understand the choices you made and why you lived as you did. Once you know your name and your purpose, only then can I determine your final destination.

The Judge

The Judge is a loyal servant of Grenth tasked with overseeing the Judgment, where he directs lost spirits to recovering their name and purpose, before sending them to their final destination.

When he met the Pact Commander, The Judge gave advice on how they could resurrect from the dead, despite the loss of such magic.

Story involvement[edit]

Path of Fire story[edit]


  • He is located directly east of the anvil, in the circle of seven pillars.
  • Events during Hall of Chains, and discussion of there being no more leaders in the Underworld besides Desmina, implies that The Judge dies after the events of The Departing.