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Outer Sanctorium

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Outer Sanctorium

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Outer Sanctorium map.jpg
Map of Outer Sanctorium

Inner SanctoriumOpen SkyOuter RingOuter SanctoriumOuter Sanctorium locator.svg
The Wizard's Tower
(Horn of Maguuma)
Connects to
Outer Ring (N)
Inner Sanctorium(S)

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Outer Sanctorium is an area in The Wizard's Tower. Here are the Hall of Gallantry and Rift Hunter Lounge where you can access the Strike Missions and Convergences, respectively. .

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Hall of Gallantry
Point of interest (map icon).png Refugee Clinic
Point of interest (map icon).png Rift Hunter Lounge
Point of interest (map icon).png Training Platform
Point of interest (map icon).png Wizard's Trial
Point of interest (map icon).png Wizard's Vault
Mastery Insight
Mastery point (Secrets of the Obscure).png Tower Insight: A Bird's Eye View





Shard Collector (green) (map icon).png Nikki the Lost
Strike Mission (map icon).png Halbera

Ambient dialogue[edit]

By Aging Journal Entry
Archivist Maizy: I don't know if this brings me ease or...fills me with an acute sense of dread.
Archivist Nearwill: Dagda asked us to look through his things. We face no ire.
Archivist Maizy: It's not that... Have you read this one? About his ascension?
Archivist Maizy: This...implies that the mursaat of Janthir were not...the first.
Archivist Nearwill: Speak up? I didn't catch that.
Archivist Maizy: The mursaat are not from Tyria. They're from... Just read it!
Archivist Nearwill: W-what...?
By the Refugee Clinic
Astral Ward Medic Songcatcher: You all right?
Astral Ward Protector: He was right there. I should...I could've grabbed him and brought him to a healer.
Astral Ward Medic Songcatcher: Hey...look at me.
Astral Ward Protector: Couldn't even make out his last words. His face was blue. Eyes wide open and bloodshot, as if he'd choked himself.
Astral Ward Medic Songcatcher: Let's get cleaned up and find a hot meal; we can mourn when the Kryptis are dealt with. Promise.
Astral Ward Protector: Okay... Yeah, you're right.
Above the Rift Hunter Lounge
R'tchikk: Did you see R'tchikk fight by the commander's side in that last battle?
R'tchikk: The Kryptis was like, "ROAR!" but R'tchikk's dagger sliced through the air.
R'tchikk: Skritt went, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!"
R'tchikk: And skritt's blade went right. To. The. Throat.
R'tchikk: (panting)
Gladium: (gestures)
R'tchikk: Skritt did NOT have sugar this morning, no.
Above the Hall of Gallantry
Astral Ward Protector: I'm still not certain we should be taking a break to...picnic?
Astral Ward Foot Soldier: Orders from the top. Frode knows that an exhausted soldier is a dead one.
Astral Ward Foot Soldier: The warden gets what the warden wants.
Astral Ward Protector: (grunts)
Astral Ward Protector: The "wildlife" is going to taint our food if we don't eat it quickly.
At the Training Platform
Astral Ward Sigurd: Magma from the heart of Mount Maelstrom...
Astral Ward Illuminate Everille: Flame from the Fissure of Woe...
Astral Ward Sigurd: Maybe...a little slower? Do you mind?
Astral Ward Sigurd: Fire magics are incredibly delicate. Enunciation is key in these enchantments.
Astral Ward Illuminate Everille: I am...quite familiar with how fire works.