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Zojja's Journal

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Zojja's Journal is an achievement started and finished from Zojja in The Wizard's Tower but takes place mostly in Skywatch Archipelago collecting missing pages in the various fractals.


This achievement rewards items.This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Zojja's Journal The Wizard's Tower 5Achievement points
Collect all of Zojja's journal pages in Skywatch Archipelago.
Reward: "Heroic" Emote Tome.png"/Heroic" Emote Tome

  • Speak to Zojja at the Wizard's Tower.
  • Return to Zojja after collecting all of the journal pages.
Completed 8 Tasks 5Achievement points


She will only appear for characters that completed Into the Obscure.

After speaking to Zojja at the Wizard's Tower, 6 new collection achievements will unlock. Each of these achievements is for a different fractal area in Skywatch Archipelago that requires completing a specific event in that area before collecting 3 pages in the fractal area. The pages will have the collection icon appear in world, making collecting easy once the appropriate event is completed.

After collecting all pages, return to Zojja to complete the collection. Zojja's location depends on the story progress. While she is initially in Mabon's room, eventually she will no longer be there and move next to First Hunter Rian at Rift Hunter Lounge, near the Convergences portal.

Zojja may not appear in either Mabon's Quarters nor Rift Hunter Lounge to return the journal. Replay the first two steps of 8. Into the Obscure ("Regroup with your allies to determine next steps." and the "Check on Zojja's state of mind." instance) to have her appear in Mabon's Quarters (or Rift Hunter Lounge) again.[1]


Speaking to Zojja after completing Mabon's Fate
Zojja: Commander, hey.
<Character name>: Still cleaning up? Need any help?
Zojja: No, you've already done so much... (shrug) Yeah.
Zojja: Mabon gave me this journal when I first got to Amnytas. Somewhere to keep my thoughts since everything was so... new.
Zojja: Made from the same magic as the tower. When it felt threatened... poof. Empty. Pages scattered everywhere.
Zojja: I've managed to track down most of them, but Dagda needs me here to help. I can't just go...
<Character name>: I'll help. How hard can tracking down a bunch of paper be?
Zojja: Maybe easier than you think, actually. Here, take a look...
Returning to Zojja with all sub-achievements completed
Zojja: Any luck?
<Character name>: Got 'em all. Right here.
Zojja: All...all of them? Really?
Zojja: I... Thank you, Commander. I know it's just paper, but...
Zojja: I was miserable when I first got here. I felt abandoned, a little lost.
Zojja: But this world fascinated me. These people...they all care about me. I connect with them better than I had with anyone--
Zojja: I don't want to offend.
<Character name>: Not at all.
Zojja: This means a lot. Having these pages. It reminds me of what I have. You included.
Zojja: Take a look, if you want. At the journals. I trust you, and... They might give some context.


  • After completing the achievement, a Zojja's Journal object will appear next to Zojja that allows rereading the collected pages.

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