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Player characters fishing from a skiff

Your personal skiff is your home away from home on the waves. Explore, relax, and ferry your whole party! Drop anchor to fish, walk around, and more.

— Official site

Skiff is a unique type of movement that allows player characters to sail on the water from one point to another and to fish from it, carrying the owner and up to four passengers. It is available exclusively through the End of Dragons expansion.


Skiff unlock banner.

After completion of Assist the temple in its defense, a skiff can be bought from Complete heart (map icon).png Hall Director Soohee (north west) in Seitung Province for 700 Karma and 2 Writ of Seitung Province.pngWrit of Seitung Province or 700 Karma and 20 Imperial Favor.pngImperial Favor.


  • While the default keybind in the Options for the Activate Mastery Skill action is J, a unique keybind can be set for  Summon Skiff.png Summon Skiff. In order to use "Activate Mastery Skill" key, "Summon Skiff" should be selected as the active skill by right-clicking on it in the Mastery Skill menu.
  • Holding down the "Summon Skiff" or "Activate Mastery Skill" key allows to preview the skiff placement in order to change its orientation.
  • Holding down left click and moving the mouse allows you to rotate the direction the skiff is facing before summoning it.
  • A skiff can only be placed on a deep enough water while the character is standing on solid ground, swimming at the water's surface, or while mounted on a skimmer.
  • After a skiff is placed, when the owner of the skiff boards the skiff, all party members in range of the skiff also board automatically.
  • Pressing  Toggle Anchor.png Toggle Anchor when a skiff is at the full stop anchors a skiff and allows moving around and fishing without despawning the skiff.
  • A skiff has a leash limit of approximately 3,400 units. If the player moves beyond this limit, the skiff will despawn, and all stacks of Fishing Party Catches will be lost.
  • A skiff only has collision with people of the same party, either them standing on the skiff or running their skiff into another. Players can only stand on a skiff when it is anchored; while in motion, everyone on a skiff is forced to sit. Up to five people can fit on a skiff, with one steering and the other four offering various emotes that can help recharge the endurance bar, which is used to give the skiff a short speed boost.
  • Skiff turning speed is affected by selected speed,  Slow Cruise.png Slow Cruise has fast turning speed while  Full Throttle (Skiff skill).png Full Throttle is much slower and  Moderate Clip.png Moderate Clip is in the middle between them.

Related masteries[edit]

Mastery XP required Points Description
Full Throttle Full Throttle 381,000 End of Dragons mastery point Learn how to push your skiff to a new top speed.
Increases your skiff's hit points by 2,500.
Depth Charges Depth Charges 635,000 End of Dragons mastery point Learn a new skill that sinks swimming enemies close to your skiff.
Increases your skiff's hit points by 2,500.
Speed Boost Speed Boost 1,016,000 End of Dragons mastery point Learn how to give your skiff a short burst of speed.
Increases your skiff's hit points by 2,500.
Fishing Party Fishing Party 1,524,000 End of Dragons mastery point While on your skiff, you and your party or squad members receive an amount of fishing power based on your total number of catches from fishing nodes.
Increases your skiff's hit points by 2,500.
Total 3,556,000 14 End of Dragons mastery point

List of skiff skills[edit]

Skiff Owner[edit]

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Slow Cruise.png Slow Cruise Set the speed of your skiff to a slow cruise.
2 Moderate Clip.png Moderate Clip Set the speed of your skiff to a moderate clip.
3 Full Throttle (Skiff skill).png Full Throttle Set the speed of your skiff to full throttle.
4 Depth Charges (Skiff skill).png Depth Charges 12 Sink underwater enemies within range.
5 Turbo Boost.png Turbo Boost 25 Give your skiff a short burst of speed.
6 Angler Sense (fishing skill).png Angler Sense 15 Detects fishing nodes and temporarily marks their location on the compass.
10 Toggle Anchor.png Toggle Anchor Once your skiff has come to a complete stop, drop your anchor to keep it in place.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Cheer.png Cheer Perform a Cheer emote.
Grants 10 endurance to the skiff.
2 Beckon.png Beckon Perform a Beckon emote.
Grants 10 endurance to the skiff.
3 Wave.png Wave Perform a Wave emote.
Grants 10 endurance to the skiff.
4 Laugh.png Laugh Perform a Laugh emote.
Grants 10 endurance to the skiff.
5 Thanks.png Thanks Perform a Thanks emote.
Grants 10 endurance to the skiff.
6 Switch Seats.png Switch Seats 10.5½ Switch to another passenger seat on the skiff.
Dismount.png Disembark Leave your seat. If the skiff is not anchored, you will be placed in the water. If it is anchored, you will be able to walk around the skiff.

Related equipment[edit]

Jade Bot equipment that improve this mechanic[edit]

Skiff skins[edit]

Skins for the Skiff can be viewed and applied in the Skiffs tab of the Hero panel.

Skiff skins can be unlocked account-wide by purchasing them in the Gem Store or through Black Lion Chests. The skins have only cosmetic effects; there are no gameplay advantages associated with them. Skins can be viewed and applied in the Skiffs tab of the Hero panel. Similarly to other mounts, color scheme for the Skiff can be changed in the Dyes tab.

List of Skiff skins[edit]

See also: Gallery of Skiff skins
Alchemic Power Skiff Skin.pngAlchemic Power Skiff Skin
Crescent Canoe Skiff Skin.pngCrescent Canoe Skiff Skin
Dreadnought Skiff Skin.pngDreadnought Skiff Skin
Dynamics Racing Skiff Skin.pngDynamics Racing Skiff Skin
Festive Iceberg Skiff Skin.pngFestive Iceberg Skiff Skin
Fishing Skiff.pngFishing Skiff
Floating Garden Skiff Skin.pngFloating Garden Skiff Skin
Floating Lantern Skiff Skin.pngFloating Lantern Skiff Skin
Haunted Ghost Skiff Skin.pngHaunted Ghost Skiff Skin
Jade Tech Skiff Skin.pngJade Tech Skiff Skin
Queensdale Academic Skiff Skin.pngQueensdale Academic Skiff Skin
Shing Jea Dragon Boat Skiff Skin.pngShing Jea Dragon Boat Skiff Skin
Shrine Guardian Skiff Skin.pngShrine Guardian Skiff Skin
Spellbound Skiff Skin.pngSpellbound Skiff Skin
Toymaker's Party Skiff Skin.pngToymaker's Party Skiff Skin
Trimaran Skiff Skin.pngTrimaran Skiff Skin
Winged Reverie Skiff Skin.pngWinged Reverie Skiff Skin
Wolf Raider Skiff Skin.pngWolf Raider Skiff Skin


Related achievements[edit]

  • Cantha.png Cantha: I Am the CaptainUnlock the skiff by completing the Shinota Shore task region in Seitung Province and by purchasing a skiff from Hall Director Soohee. (5Achievement pointsEnd of Dragons mastery point)


  • Skiffs can act as a platform for mounts.

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