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A kirin summoned by a Jade Sphere.

Kirin are naturally peaceful and magical creatures that live within the Echovald Wilds.


Kirin have horns with allegedly vast magical properties, as powder ground from kirin horns is believed to be able to strengthen the shells of siege turtles[1] and magic is thought to be able to be siphoned from kirin horns in order to create powerful weapons, though these theories have not yet been supported by evidence.[2] Kirin scales closely resemble the scales of fish in texture, and can be ground up into a powder that allows artists to create paintings that show the true soul of the subject painted.[3] They have the ability to heal their allies of injuries and cleanse nearby miasma.

Kirin appear to be, as a race, adapted to aquatic environments, though different regional varieties do exist. All known varieties of kirin possess barbels similar to those of koi. Kirin appear similarly to deer due to their body shape and hooves though kirin appear to have evolved fins growing off several of these appendages.



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  • Kirin are modeled after qilin, a form of creature appearing before the death of a leader in Sinospheric mythology, and appear to be named after the Japanese version, the kirin. The particular style of qilin shown in-game are a blending of many different depictions of the mythological creatures.


  1. ^ Tarena
    Tarena: The Kirin are magically powerful creatures. Powder ground from their horns can fortify the shells of our creatures, making them durable and resistant. I'd like you to bring me 5 Kirin Horns.
  2. ^ Denos Makaluum
    Long have I toiled crafting a fearsome new weapon to be used against the Luxons, and my work is nearly done. I require a few last materials to complete the prototype. The horns of the kirin are said to contain vast stores of magical energy, and I believe that if supplied with enough of them, I can harness that energy to power a weapon the likes of which have never been seen in all of Cantha!
  3. ^ John Tertehl
    John Tertehl: There is legend of an artist who was given a great gift by an appreciative kirin. As thanks for an unknown service, the kirin bestowed the artist with several of its scales, which were then ground to powder and mixed with paint. This unique mixture enabled the artist to paint the true soul of his subjects in stunning detail. Word of his abilities spread far and wide, until one fateful day he was commissioned by the wife of an influential member of the Vasburg House. Outwardly, this woman was beautiful, but inside, she was cruel and twisted. When the painting was finished, the artist presented the final work to the lady, who, upon seeing her terrible visage rendered, unapologetically ordered the artisan killed. A tragic story to be sure, but what wouldn't I give for such a gift?