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Disambig icon.png This article is about noncorporeal representations. For the legendary trinket, see Vision. For Living World content, see Visions of the Past.
The vision of the Keeper of the Shrine to Grenth's temple in Orr.

Visions, sometimes called echoes[1] or memories,[2] are non-corporeal representations of individuals created by magical or metaphysical means to show events that cannot be interfered with. Despite visual similarities to ghosts, holograms, and phantasms, visions are merely echoes of events, and they usually cannot react to their surroundings at all. There are some exceptions to this, however, such as when Trahearne and the Pact Commander spoke with the vision of King Reza in the Dream of Dreams to learn about a way to cleanse Orr from Zhaitan's corruption.[3]

Known sources of visions include powerful entities like the Spirits of the Wild[4] and the Six Human Gods,[5] as well as the Dream of Dreams,[2][6] places of power like the Scrying Pool,[7][8] and various rituals that can be performed by mortals.[9] Visions can also be triggered by magical objects such as the VOED[10] and the Raven Lens.[1][4]


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