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2010 July Moa render.jpg

Moas are a type of large flightless bird found throughout Tyria. They can be seen in a variety of colors and can be found either roaming around alone, in dispersed groups or tight flocks.

Moas can be domesticated and raised as livestock, as seen on human and norn ranches and are sometimes used as battle pets by ogres and sylvari.


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Pet Power.png Precision.png Toughness.png Vitality.png Condition Damage.png Unique skill
Juvenile Black Moa 1524 1524 1524 3585 400 Screech.png Dazing Screech
Juvenile White Moa 1524 1524 1524 3585 400 Screech.png Icy Screech
Juvenile Red Moa 1524 1524 1524 3585 400 Screech.png Furious Screech
Juvenile Blue Moa 1524 1524 1524 3585 400 Screech.png Protecting Screech
Juvenile Pink Moa 1524 1524 1524 3585 400 Screech.png Dazing Screech



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  • The moa's in-game grunt is a combination of the recorded noises from a walrus, a leopard, and a raven.[1]
  • The moa was a flightless bird native to present-day New Zealand, until it was hunted to extinction by the Māori people just over 600 years ago. There were 9 species, some larger than ostriches. Moas had hair-like feathers, no wings at all, long necks with small heads and beaks, and long thick legs. They ate plants.
    • The moas in Guild Wars 2 bear little resemblance to the extinct moas of New Zealand. Rather, they have much in common physically with an extinct family of flightless birds from South America, the Phorusrhacidae, or "terror birds". Unlike the moas in-game, terror birds were predatory and had smaller wings. The last members of the Phorusrhacidae family went extinct about 2 million years ago.