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Leviathan render.jpg

Leviathans are massive underwater monsters that inhabit the Unending Ocean and Sea of Sorrows.

No living leviathans are currently thought to exist in the northern continent; however, their skeletons litter the coasts of Orr and elsewhere. A fisherman from the village of Auld Red Wharf claimed to have once caught one in Viathan Lake, giving the lake its name, but it is not known if this actually happened.

In 1219 AE, a prominent leviathan nicknamed "the Maw" was turned into a Risen servant of Zhaitan during the Great Tsunami, and terrorized the Sea of Sorrows for 40 years thereafter, until its (final) death at the hands of Macha. Its corpse can be seen off the shore of Claw Island, along with the wreckage of the Pride.



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