Colossus (Cliffside Fractal)

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Interactive map (floor 22)

The Colossus of Cliffside was captured by cultists resembling humans at some point in the early history of Tyria.[1] Nothing is known about this being or the cultists that captured it, only that their leader, called the Archdiviner, wielded a dangerous hammer resembling Entropy. Bakkin claims that the Colossus once strode over Dociu Excavation ages ago, suggesting that its existence is known to the Durmand Priory.


The Mists


  • Although not targetable, the colossus is considered by the game to be an NPC, as shown by the fact that it gained a bobblehead during April Fools' Day 2014.[2]


  • The symbols on the hammer (which also resemble Old Canthan logograms) are the same as the ones seen on the seals binding the Colossus. The hammer was the key to breaking the seals and releasing him.
  • The Colossus was inspired by ancient myths such as the one of Prometheus.[1]
  • The Colossus was referred to internally as the "mountain man".

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