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Fleshreavers are flying blood-soaked demonic creatures found in groups living in places teeming with death and decay throughout the world. They also more often than not stick close to other shadowy beings. Oddly, in contrast to their grim appearances, the weapons they wield shine bright in the dark lairs they call home.

Fleshreavers have an unusual method of evolution. A young fleshreaver is born as barely more than a small skeleton; the parents assure the survival of their young by layering muscle, tissue, and flesh over the delicate newborn.

Sewn together by older fleshreavers, they use only the finest musculature and bone from prey to flesh out the body and wings of their young, carving horns from the discarded bone fragments. Once a fledging fleshreaver has been fully created, it must continue the handiwork of its parents, acquiring new flesh pieces and better musculature to attach to its skeletal structure in order to replace its rapidly growing form.[1]


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