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Krakens[1] are large, cyclopean, tentacled sea creatures. In the past, they were most commonly seen in the Jade Sea, though they were said to thrive in the seas around Elona. When the Jade Sea froze, like the other local sea life, krakens quickly adapted to life above water, floating above the solidified jade water.

Kraken eyes are known to contain strong magic within them, and have been used by Luxons for both enchanting weaponry as well as making jewelry.


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  • The Jade Maw appears radically different to krakens historically encountered in the Jade Sea. The Jade Maw more closely resembles a cyclopean wurm than the squid-like krakens historically seen in Cantha. Historical krakens had two pairs of eyes as opposed to a singular eye and, unlike the Jade Maw, had a beak instead of a mouth. However, modern-day Canthan krakens are extremely similar to the Jade Maw, if not identical.

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