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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Canthan fauna. For the Heart of Thorns objects, see Nuhoch Wallow.

Wallows are far from the dull, lumbering beasts that many imagine. In addition to their impressive strength and resilience, their bonds with family—blood or chosen—are extremely strong.

On the Fauna of the Echovald

A wallow in the outskirts of the Echovald Forest.

Wallows are an omnivorous race of chubby gray fauna found in and around the Echovald Forest in Cantha. They are occasionally domesticated for their ability to hunt truffles or hunted and killed for their tusks.[1] They are also scavengers, consuming flesh off the bones of the kills of hunters.[2] Rot wallow tusks are known to be venomous, though the essence of the venom can be extracted to create an antidote.[3]


Legends refer to discord wallows, a form of wallow capable of singing so out of tune that their song could protect them from the effects of the Jade Wind. Though they were believed to be a myth, the last discord wallow was located within a thicket in the forest and slain for its sinews for the instrument crafter Vasili Lutgardis to create a lyre with.[4]

The wallows Brutus and Sheena were born in the forest alongside the monk Danika zu Heltzer and accompanied her in adventures to drive off the vengeful Shiro Tagachi.


Pet Family Power.png Precision.png Toughness.png Vitality.png Condition Damage.png Ferocity.png Healing Power.png Environment Archetype Unique skills
Juvenile Wallow Wallow 1,524 1,524 2,211 2,898 700 0 0 Terrestrial Supportive Bloodthirsty Charge.png Bloodthirsty Charge


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