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Vampire Beast

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Vampire Beasts are a mammalian species found living in the Crystal Desert, the Heart of Maguuma and the Ring of Fire. They are bloodthirsty creatures resembling four-legged bats and are found in packs inside ruins or caves, often near Cave Beasts. Vampire beasts have a unique condition that cannot be cleared called Vampiric Infection which drains health from the target and heals the creature.[1] In the Tangled Depths, vampire beasts and spiders appear to be working together, incubating spider eggs in guano.


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  • The vampire beasts were created by taking the Bog Skale animation rig and taking off the tail.
  • Though there are a number of resemblances between the vampire beasts and drinkers from Guild Wars Factions, there are no confirmed relations. However, vampire beasts can be found in locations where drinkers were prevalent in the Echovald Wilds, implying that they are likely of the same species or at least closely related.


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