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Concept art by Kekai Kotaki.

Harpies are a race of winged female raiders that can be found in Ascalon, Kryta, and the Crystal Desert. They once thrived in Istan, Vabbi, and Dzalana within Elona 250 years ago, but have since spread north for unknown reasons. Elonian legends say that the harpies are the descendants of fallen servants of Dwayna.


Harpies appear much like female humans with pale skin, except that they have feathered wings, their feet are replaced with bird-like talons, and their hands have sharp claws. How they reproduce is unknown, though some harpies are seen seducing males of other species (such as grawl), and they are known to lay large eggs, large enough to hold a typical Young Harpy. The young harpies can be seen fully developed and appear little different physically from adult harpies aside from height.

The asuran engineer Wode stated that harpies have a pleasant aroma and was creating a perfume using harpy sweat filtered through harpy feathers as they are uniquely able to filter out the less aromatic parts of the sweat. However, the effects of the aroma fade almost immediately upon the death of the harpy, though not on plucked feathers.

Elonian harpies possess skin of a blueish tint.


Harpies are a sadistic and xenophobic race that tend to nest in high areas and prey on travelers and merchants below their nests. They are known to also kidnap travelers to both eat and to use as training for their young. Harpies are not above killing some of their own kind if it means their flock becoming stronger as a result.


Harpies live in small groups which are led by their Matriarchs. In rare occasions, multiple Matriarchs lead a single, larger, group of harpies.

Known roost locations[edit]

Crystal Desert
Shiverpeak Mountains


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More victims!
Swarm! Frenzy!
My children, attack!
Flock to meeeee!
Next time!
Next time we kill!
Too strong...
Matriarch take you!
Avenge me!


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