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Disambig icon.png This article is about the NPC category. For specific NPCs named Ooze, see Ooze (disambiguation).
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Disgusting creatures of fluid and membrane, oozes (also called jellies) live in all environments and subsist on just about anything. Even in lava, deep underwater, or within truly toxic areas, oozes can mutate enough to adapt and survive. This survival tactic does more for them than just allow them to adapt—they actually feed, on a very deep level, from the creatures they ingest. Oozes have been known to develop magical abilities and spell-like powers simply by defeating adventurers and feasting on them.

This makes older oozes far more dangerous than younger ones; the ingested abilities of a hundred adventurers may linger within the ooze, giving them access to an incredibly large variety of powers stolen from many years worth of such prey.


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