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Concept art by William Patrick.

It's constantly grumbling, it can use simple tools, and it's aggressive.[1]

Evon Gnashblade

The Choya are sentient plant creatures native to the Crystal Desert and Elona and who are typically aggressive to others.


The choya attack with the needles on their body and, once defeated, burst open and split into two. Choya are edible, but even native Elonians are trying to not rely on eating them, only out of desperation.[2] Their meat is sometimes used in the making of raptor treats, however.[3] Choya wax has its uses as an ineffective glue.[4] They can be grown in pots.[5]

Three main colors of choya's skin have been observed, with a rare chromatic variant in Kourna.[6] Regular choya can be found staring at Volatile Crystals in the Veldrunner Drifts, hinting at the process they undergo to become Chromatic Choya.

Choya offspring are called pups.[7]


Pricklepatch Hollow, a settlement of friendly choya.

The choya are social creatures that live together in smaller colonies. Each member of such a social structure has their own tasks; it is known that there are hunters, gatherers and even cooks among them. The leader of a choya group is usually called the chieftain. Some choya groups are also known to have sages.[8] There is a peaceful village of choya atop of a mesa at Brightwater Inlet in the Desert Highlands. It is said that this village remains peaceful because the choya kick troublemakers off of the mesa, preventing their return.[9] They are able to trade with others. and even allow strangers into their village. A tribe of overly aggresive choya lives in Veldrunner Drifts, attacking the nearby heket village and the human settlement, even stealing from there.[2]

They have their own primitive language, which is perceived by others as more of a grumbling sound, thus they are unable to communicate properly, they are capable of trade, however. Researchers speculate that the dancing of choya around the Idol of the Choya might be non-verbal language, hoping to eventually analyze and translate their movements, though they hope that what they had learnt is just a translation error.[10]

The choya are capable of simple craft[11][12], and can also create something akin to perfumes.[13] For their bedding, the choya sleep in padded nests steeled with harpy feathers.[14]

The choya engage in hunting for scarab meat and in gardening. Another staple of their diet, if available, are coconuts. The recipe for Dollop of Choya Harissa, invented by choya, may hint at their possible cannibalism, as it uses choya body parts. This is also supported by some ogres claiming that choya eat their own.[15]

The choya are extremely popular with children,[16][17][18] and there are many items available with their images, such as kites. Some ogres wanted to tame them and use them as their war pets, but found out, due to choya's aggressive behavior, that taming Branded might be easier.[19] They are, however, used in Domain of Vabbi for reenactments,[20] and their aggressive nature can also be used for sport and fighting.[21][22] They also enjoy shiny things, [23][24][25] dancing, and at least one choya is known to enjoy racing.[26]


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Concept art and miscellaneous


  • They are named after the cholla cactus.[27]
  • Originally started as a fun sketch, as the artist William Patrick didn't expect them to appear in-game.[28]
  • Their resemblance to melons makes Elonians wary about certain fruits.[29]
  • The death animation of choya shows a section of their body that reveals there's no bones or identifiable organs, just what appears to be a watermelon-like structure with seeds. Green and chromatic choya have red flesh, red choya have green flesh, and blue choya have orange flesh.

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