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Coyotes are a type of canine found in Kryta.


The Mists

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Howls to Summon Allies
  • Bite - Basic melee attack.
  • Summon - Summons wolves.


Name Type Rarity Quantity Creature level
Fang.png Fang Crafting material Fine 1 37
Large Fang.png Large Fang Crafting material Fine 1 80
Claw.png Claw Crafting material Fine 1 37
Large Claw.png Large Claw Crafting material Fine 1 80
Slab of Red Meat.png Slab of Red Meat Crafting material Fine 1 37,80
Torn Hide.png Torn Hide TrophySalvage item Basic 1 37
Salvageable Hide.png Salvageable Hide Salvage item Basic 1 80
Dull Fang.png Dull Fang Trophy Junk 1 37
Chipped Fang.png Chipped Fang Trophy Junk 1 80
Dull Claw.png Dull Claw Trophy Junk 1 37
Dark Stained Claw.png Dark Stained Claw Trophy Junk 1 80


  • An unimplemented Mini Coyote was accidentally whitelisted in the items API.